Thursday, August 5, 2010

You're List is Cut-Off

Okay - so the wedding addressing did not get done - but the stamps look fantastic on the reply cards! And my mom and I also learned that we need to double check our work, a few of the invitations were missing the actual invite. But hey, at least we found out that before we sent them out!

But just as we were going over our addresses and making sure that we had everyone's names are spelled correctly, the address in place and aren't missing people, my lovely fiance decides to throw out this little diddy.

"Hey babe, I think I have a few more names to add."

Excuse me. What do you mean a "few" more names?

Five - he meant five more names - not even people, just names.

I mean, apparently there are people he didn't know that he was even getting married - apparently we didn't send them a save-the-date....doesn't mean they need to get invited. If I don't know them, they don't need to see my in my pretty dress!

Okay, well I say that, but then of course he has to rationalize with me and tries to tell me that some of these people probably won't even show up. Ugh. In the back of my head, my little brain is telling me that since these people are in shock that he's getting married, they are probably going to want to actually SEE him go through with it. Sorry Dad.

But after this week, Tony's list is getting cut off. He even tried to tell me that I had more people than he did - guess what we counted, I had less. He tried again to tell me that I had more invitations to send out: Again, I won 87-93. Ha!

If he doesn't have all the names and people to me by Saturday, sorry Charlie, they aren't coming. Okay, we'll talk about it, but I'm going to put my foot down....or at least try.

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