Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well That's A Silly Question

I just recieved an email this morning from asking me if my wedding was still on October 30th. Which seemed like a silly question, but yes, in fact is is, and thank you for making me aware that the wedding is only 62 days away.So with that said, I've obviously been behind on my blogging - and was made aware of that as well the other day. So where do I start? Well, let's begin with "the bachelor/bachelorette" weekends. They may have been a little different from each other, but it was a fight for who was more exhausted the following Monday.I'll begin with Tony's Vegas tale. Yes, he and 15 of his closest "buddies" took off for the weekend to head to their version of the hangover. They might have been singing this song for a majority of the weekend:
And for the most part, after I got the question or comment from people, "You're letting Tony go there???" Well I don't get to let him to do anything, but that's where the man who doesn't like to gamble goes. I think he really wanted to go to see Holly from the girls next door or for the pool - since he told people he's not really into the whole club scene.Interesting. So you're headed to Vegas for the pool, but not the gambling or the clubs. Hmm...good thing there aren't places called pools and bars in Kansas City. But hey, I'm not judging, just commenting. But I really was not really worried about Tony getting into trouble. Okay, so maybe I had a slight concern he would disappear and get lost - since he couldn't remember his room number the first night, but other than that, we were good to go.
But as soon as he got there, he was thrilled. And in a lot of trouble. Not only did I get great texts saying that he loved me, (duh), but that he was already tipsy on the plane. Oh goodie, can't wait for what else will happen on this trip.And that's when the picture texts started coming in. And don't take your mind to that "sexting" place - we're not that couple. Unless you count the picture I got of T's friend in the European type swimsuit (although not a speedo, thank goodness). Instead I got these:Oh, and those were all from the two days I was working. Such a nice man - just teasing me with this lovely place. Ugh.
But then it was my turn for my mini-bachelorette party. Yes - Tony got to go to Vegas, so I get two parties. Ha! Bridezilla that!
So I was able to gather my bridesmaids and set off for Lake Viking! Yes - Katie's parents actually let the girls have control of their lakehouse - and even better, trusted Katie to get everything ready. Good thing Molly was there. Especially since we drove thru Hurricane Henry to get there!
The rain that was happening in Kansas City that blew down trees and such - oh yeah, we were in the eye of that storm. Meanwhile, I was getting texts from T about their pool adventure and Al and I were in the back saying prayers that we would survive. Well, Alison may have been singing "We will Survive", but close enough.Is that even a song? Whatever. I'm having writers block lately - apparently my dream for this blog to become a book deal and make me rich is slowly going down the tubes. Dang.
But we made it - and between Molly, Kates and I, we somehow managed to stay up until 2 am. What were we thinking - we're usually in bed at 9 pm! This girls weekend was about to get crazy, as the rest of the girls were showing up in the morning - and some had more rough nights than we did.Everything about Saturday was perfect - the girls and I were able to get a little sun, gently float on the water, take a relaxing boat ride and enjoy each other company.
Or Jen would bring Jell-O shots, Lauren would be slightly hungover, Alison would take a 12 hour nap, Vrbas would try out a part of motherhood, a dragon would lose its life, we successful did not destroy the boat and we will now start our own inner-tube jumping team.
Most of the stories will stay at Lake Viking - but I hope that pictures will make your day. Because they made me have endless giggles.

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