Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shamu in the House

I've been struggling with writing the blog lately.  Maybe because I've been tired, or I'm tired of looking at the computer screen, or maybe because I've been reading so many other blogs I feel as though mine is lost. But then I remember that I don't have a following of more than 8 people and so it's not super important for me to be a daily blogger - and my thoughts are more out of control than my laundry right now. (Let's just say major spillage)

The blogs I follow have been making me want to do some DIY projects (and yes I have one in the works, but I'm waiting for the weather warm up), run a marathon - or just a mile - let's start with a mile, cook, and become the worlds best photography.  So you can understand why sometimes my entries are a little nutty - but that could also just be me.

Today I bring you the exercise blog. It's amazing how a little light running blog reading can motivate you - which is especially hard when its Antarctica outside. But I sucked it up and stuffed it in, literally.

For some reason I had in my head that yes, I could be one of those girls who wear those cute little spandex leggings and look dewy rather than a full hot mess. Note to self: I'm not one of those girls. Enter Shamu in running leggings and a bright green sweatshirt. Um....not smart, not smart. I generally reserve these sucks for doing lunges around the house with Tyson. He doesn't judge - at least not out loud. However, today trying to beat the crow to the treadmill machines, I chose these spandex leggings - thank goodness they aren't shiny - and an old Tri Delta t-shirt. Yes - I still break out my Delta Delta Delta t-shirts - I may be reading for leggings, but I am not ready for an all tight out fit - I said Shamu, not a sausage.

And wouldn't you know it - the shirt is too short - at least in my legging mind. I've never moved so fast from the parking lot to the machine and back - all while slightly tugging at the shirt.

So here I am, wearing leggings, a short Delta t, and trying my best not to be one of those people who look like they are dying and ready to fall off the machine and I get the best distractions.

First one: the lady next to me starting to sing out loud while on the elliptical. Awesome. Good thing American Idol is on tonight.
Second: the man next to me on the treadmill (who jumped on it before I could...grrr) who couldn't let go of the machine and stopped his way to 3 miles. He also decided to grunt and cough his way into my heart.
Third: A lady who decided to some some yoga moves right in front of some cardio machines. Thank you ma'am for letting us see your whole dierie (sp? behind). Did you realize that there are four corners to this building? That would be a better place for your bendy-ness.
And finally - a shout out to my Homecoming Queen friend: I'm pretty sure I saw one of the many "boyfriends" you had freshman year in college. I'll give you a hint: it lasted no more than two weeks, he's tall a lanky (I see we may have a type here) and he's still as awkward as ever. I refrained from talking to him, you're welcome.

After my sight-seeing gym adventure tonight - What? Did you think I was going to concentrate on doing some bicep girls and squats? Heck no -the gym is the second best place to people watch (read: judge), I ran home excited to open my new package. A new pair of running leggings.

Yep - I'm apparently a sucker to be stuffed into leggings.

My adventure will continue with my running leggings, and maybe I'll even run in them one day. Not tomorrow, Tall Jen and I are going to force ourselves to another beating at this new place. We tired it on Monday, and I think that was the first time I had actually wished for an oxygen tank. Obviously I wasn't really concerned with the tank - I was staring at all the girls in running leggings. I think they'll be excited to see Shamu in class again tomorrow.

I should probably look into some longer shirts.

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