Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Day of My People

Today marks a glorious day.  A day where the white people in the world use a little excuse to eat tacos, cheese dip and drink tons of tequila.  Okay - well they do that a lot other days, but Cinco de Mayo is a better excuse to do all of the above.

And you better believe I will make my way to a taco or two today!

Of course, marrying an Italian leaves me with a little education to do. For him, it's all pasta and meatballs all the time - and for me, I could eat Mexican every day.  He's still getting used to that - especially since that's about all I cook.  But he's catching on quickly, already eating salsa on his eggs, soon I'll have him eating pico de gallo. Yum.

But enough about my culinary skills. Here is a little history about Cinco de Mayo.And since I'm not a history buff, I of course googled it. So raise your glass to the French and thank them for losing a battle, but I will of course thank them for wine.

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