Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Great Laundry Debate

I've become the subject of a lot of discussions lately. A big debate among married couples, really neither of them choosing sides, just making sure they were all against me. And my biggest nemesis when it comes to this debate: My mother.

Oh yes. Kathy herself has taken Tony's side and would break out a flip chart and powerpoint presentation if she had time between her Nana duties. The woman is obsessed and Tony loves it - especially since he's been rallying all of my friends against me.

Literally - the other night I left the room for three minutes and came out to a mob ready to tar and feather me.  Or in this case throw socks and towels at me. The topic spurring all of this chaos? Well that would be the fact that I don't do Tony's laundry.

I will now pause for your shock and awe.



Are you over it yet?

Fine, pause.

Okay, okay - it's not the end of the world people! He is a grown man who has two capable hands which have been doing his laundry for almost 31 years.  Okay, well he probably had a few in there in which his mom did them,  but I digress. Apparently I'm on the worlds worst wife list of 2011.

Laundry: Not my thing
My brothers and even sister and sisters-in-law have joined in on non-laundry wife doing bashing. Its become a topic of Family Dinner conversation, I'll even give you examples.

Family Member #1: Tony you should probably put Caitlin in the basement until she does your laundry.
Family Member #2: Yeah, maybe you should just throw your laundry on her until she does it.
Family Member #3: You should probably trade her in for a new wife, Tony. I mean she doesn't even mow your lawn and she's half Mexican.
Baby #1: Where's Tyson?
Family Member #4: Maybe there's a school you can send her to that will teach her these things like cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

Can you feel my pain? Fine - no I don't mow the lawn, but Tony enjoys a little bit of yard work and is obsessed with the cut of his grass.  I would just be criticized if I mowed a certain way - just like he double checks my work on the dusting and vacuuming.  And I'm not kidding - I think he likes to "work from home" just so he can re-do any of my work. 

On my other counter-points to not doing his laundry (is that a debate word, counter-point?): Our laundry baskets are in separate rooms. 

Not great? Yeah, that's probably why I was never in debate. That and because you had to cart around some suitcase like divider holder. 

Oh silly thin models, soap would ruin my heels and Tony already buys me things, silly.

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  1. I sure as heck don't do Brian's laundry, so you're not alone!! :)