Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well Doesn't That Just Make A Wednesday

Edited to Add: So this was supposed to post last Wednesday, I'm not sure what happened, but think back to last week and this should all make sense.

The crazy weather continues in the midwest - and since I've been a midwesterner all my life, you would think I would be used to it by now.  But I can honestly tell you I can only remember having to "take cover" twice in my life: once when my parents basement wasn't finished and we wrapped up with blankets (and I'm pretty sure I didn't actually come upstairs for good two hours after the all clear, I wanted to be sure) and the other time was at school in the sorority house, where we made jokes about who was missing and how awkward it would be if something really happened.  I think where you can see where I'm going with that point.

Well the crazy weather started last night - and of course my luck with all things nutty around our house, Tony was out of town.  Oh yes, he was in the middle of Kansas - a place known to get hit by tornadic activity.  Leaves a girl a lot of time to think about how widespread those plains are.  But I was home with Tyson, and we've already hit our "too-much-time-without-dad" mark.  Really it consists of him whining at me, and my futile attempt at giving him the "mom stare."  Obviously it doesn't work on dogs and then I get caught yelling at him with my neighbors laughing at me - yes, that did happen.

But Ty and I had some bonding moments: watching the weather channel and waiting for the bad weather to approach us.  During this time I had Tony texting me asking me if it was raining or not - he also kept texting me the past few days asking if it was raining because "when he looked on the radar it was right over us." Um, what? Yes - does have pretty good accuracy when it comes to the rain or not, but when I'm looking out the window I see nothing - he believed over me, of course.

But I am digressing - apparently this crazy weather hasn't helped clear my brain or made me any smarter, sigh.

Tyson and I bonded over the bad weather - lucky for me it didn't start to get too bad until 10 pm - perfect. Right when the news starts and gives updates on the weather constantly.  Guess who was "saving money" and has the dish that goes out everytime it even sprinkles.  This girl.

Guess who doesn't have a weather radio but is going to get one immediately: this girl.

Guess who's dog is a freak and apparently afraid of thunderstorms: this girl.
And yes, I did imagine him with a German accent - however it also turned a little Austrian as well.
Yep - after jumping up and off the bed a few times, Tyson finally hid in the closet.  It was hard not to laugh at him, especially when you're home alone, but I did laugh - and thought it was pay back for all that whining he had to do earlier.  Who wants to go out side now, huh??

Anywho - that was my lovely evening on Tuesday.  What makes this Wednesday so wonderful? Well I got to hang out in the basement of the office with my co-workers for a few hours while sirens went off.  Lucky for us, we had candy.  But survive we did - however I don't know if Tyson handled the storm that well....he wasn't able to get into his closet.

Hopefully the rest of the evening will be uneventful: maybe just shopping around for a weather radio and new cable company and a non-whiny dog.

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