Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Caca All Over

Well let's just say that if any of you have bets, a timeline or are really hoping that Tony and I will announce that we are expecting a little bambino soon - good luck. It's not happening. And it's not happening for a long, long, very long while.

Why you ask? Well, let's just say that there was a defining moment in the "Adventures of Auntie Cait Babysitting." A very defining moment with caca. Or for you white friends, poop. Literally all over my leg, sock and a little man named Dylan, aka the caca divo.

Our adventures began pretty well - you know favorite auntie stuff - and a great long mimi (nap) for both boys.  OH yes, I had two of them and I am thanking my lucky stars that Chunk-O-Rama is pretty immobile. Heck, we were even doing so great yesterday, we ran, well I huffed my way up to my sisters with the boys in a high-tech jogging stroller, and made our way to the carnival in Olathe.

You know, one of those traveling carnivals like the ones in the creepy serial killer shows and movies? That one - but in Olathe and with cleaner looking rides. But for the five little monkey nephew dare-devils, it was perfect. And yes, I did join in the rides and would have gone back for more.

All was good. Happy boys and clean pants.

Then it hit. Literally after wanting to change D's diaper, chaos ensued.  Of course I got a hug from him before - I think he was trying to avoid what was going on and helped by putting his stucker (sucker) in my hair. Apparently I should have taken that as Strike 1.  But looking back, I would have taken that over what came next.

Caca hit the fan. Well, maybe not the fan, but my leg, the bathtub, my sock and up D's back. Ugh. And thinking it would be easy to throw D in the tub did not work. Apparently the tub + D = screaming bloody murder. I kind of wanted to join him if I knew what the issue was.  But I didn't - and dealt with the stinky caca.

We were able to get cleaned up, in clean diapers, a leg wiped off and socks thrown inside out. And then he told me he was hungry.

Ugh. Well at least I know the bloody murder screaming would be done.  I was also able to see his molars - and they appeared cavity free.

So for now, Tony and I will be waiting to have kids.  Lucky for us, moments like these remind us that we are thankful to have nephews and Tyson.  They are handful enough.

I apologize if I was not up to par on my funny this post. I feel that I am still traumatized over the caca. However Dylan and I are on good speaking terms, but I won't let him know Chunk was my favorite for a few minutes.

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