Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's 12:21 AM

It's late. Really late, late like I should be asleep right now and am going to be super crabby in the morning. It's probably a good thing I only have to deal with Tyson in the morning. I've been trying to rack my brain about why I am still up.  Generally I'm asleep, mouth open with potential drool (aren't you so envious of Tony right now? - It's genetic, no one in my family is a pretty sleeper), by at least 10:30 pm. Although I wouldn't mind being passed out by 9 - oh yeah, granny style 9:00 PM.

To add to my sleeping beauty, I'm also a big snoozer.  Mainly because by the time I do fall asleep, I'm dead to the world. My mom used to tell me that a train could go through my room and I'd sleep through it.  Which is a good thing now that I live close to the ghetto with the ghetto bird flying over head. So you can understand my conundrum of not being asleep right now. I'm stuck watching 16 & Pregnant, Ice Loves Coco and other random non-great, but I'll keep watching because I'm a reality show addict and need to see how the end of the show turns out.

And I digress. While catching up on the crappy television, I've been thinking about what could be keeping me awake. Here are some ideas:
1. The half cupcake from Baby Cakes (yes, be amazed that I only had half)
2. My allergy medicine
3. My need to watch 16 & Pregnant
4. My girlie vitamin that I took at dinner
5. Figuring out what to wear for work tomorrow

I'm obviously not going with the cupcake - that was pure genius that I ate that and quite delicious. Plus I only had half - HELLO SELF CONTROL - ignore the fact that I also had a mini cinnamon roll with it as well. I'm probably going to go with the vitamin. Trying to go with this whole healthy route, I'm hoping the vitamin isn't keeping me up.  That would just push me off the band wagon for health and I'd probably let the muffin top that is growing keep on keepin' on.

And yes, I do have a muffin top - or rather a large donut action going on. You think I'm kidding, but my lovely husband felt the need to grab a handful while I was demonstrating. Okay fine, two handfuls, not the point.

I would like to think the two sprinkles resemble my abs
What's better is that during my workout class tonight that my sweat actually formed a perfectly shaped donut sweat mark on my jiggly belly. Awesome with a capital A.

Maybe I should do some abdominal work while I can't sleep to flatten these suckers out. While I'm well aware that abs are formed in the kitchen - I'm also aware that the donut shaped also came from the kitchen, the take out, and probably the wine. Lesson learned: wear a t-shirt to work out class and stop pushing out my stomach in front of my husband.

It's weird cause it's a cat, but still kind of funny
Hmmm...those thoughts might help me fall asleep.

Okay - probably not, I'm still wide awake and now onto the Kardashians and wondering how soon Kris' Jenner ear lobs are going to break wide open with all of those earrings she wears.

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