Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Stress

I'm not going to lie, this past week and a half has been a little stressful. Stressful enough to cause this little action:
Watch out...this thing will poke your eye out!
Yep. Pretty sure this week is showing up on my face. And while I've been pretty lucky to have clear skin, it seems to be quite noticeable whenever these little friends come around. And Patty Pimple seems to be very angry with me. 

Okay, so that's not the real reason for this post, but I figured I would catch up on all the happenings around our casa, not because you've been dying to know what I've been doing 24/7, but because it's added to the craziness of this week.

On Saturday I got to go and play soccer with my nephew.  Well, I was there to watch his little 3 year old self "play" with his Dad, but apparently I became the favorite Auntie (duh) and go to play with him.  Fun fact, I played one soccer practice.  Apparently I told my parents I didn't like it so much, so they didn't make me go.  After ONE practice.  I guess that's what I get for being the 4th kiddo. I mean, I could have been the next Mia Hamm or some other great soccer player who has amazing abs.  I could have had amazing abs!  Okay, so I'm not coordinated enough to really play any's a good day in the hood when I don't find a mysterious bruise.

But I think I would have stuck with it if I had been playing like Luca. I mean we got to play Green Light Red Light. Um, awesome.

I feel like Red Light, Green Light was a great game, I also learned a few skills.  My little friend, maybe not so much.  He did tell me three times while we were playing, "Auntie Cait I'm done, I'm done Auntie Cait."  The 6 year old in my made him keep did his Mom. 

In other news, Tony woke up this morning to our dog drinking out of the toilet.  He's never done that before.  I'm worried. Not about Tyson drinking out of the toilet, more about Tony's first thoughts. 

Tony: "I'm really glad there wasn't any pee in there."

Okay, on second thoughts, maybe I shouldn't be too worried about Tony's thoughts. 

The best part is, Tyson tried to drink out of the toilet again.  Apparently he's avoiding his actual water bowl.  

I also attempted to make dinner this week. Fail, utter fail.  In attempt to make the fish we had caught in our last fishing trip for dinner I learned that I really can't cook. And while that should come as no surprise to anyone that I know or am married too, apparently I should keep trying. 

Has no one learned? I mean look at that broccoli! (It's that brownish green thing on the bottom of the plate - I know it was hard to find)  I also ruined my own corn with a plethora of pepper- Tony cooked this time so at least he was able to eat.

Not to self, broccoli gives gas, so why bother with it anyway.

Pepper disaster 2011
So that's pretty much it for us.  And what have we learned this week:
1. I need to get pimple medicine
2. Playing soccer with 3 year olds is amazing - and a good workout
3. I still am not a good cook....28 years and counting.

Oh and I have not washed my hair in three days, which resulted in this number today:

Pooched  lips help the pimple heal
Yep....and that tight headband made my head hurt just a little....but I don't think anyone at work noticed how dirty my hair was.  Or at least I hope not....I mean I showered and everything and made sure to spray perfume up in that birds nest.

Here's hoping next week is pimple free and maybe some hair washing will happen...maybe.

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