Thursday, June 30, 2011

Braziers is a Funny Word

Please note that I have forewarned my father that this was an upcoming post. I feel after having two daughters and a wife he can handle it - if not he can wait until the next post comes around. Dad, for your sake I will try and blog about tools or lawn work. 

It was a good day on Wednesday.  Probably become I only had a four day week, oh yeah, and probably because I got a great deals on bras.  While I found shoes, make up and nail polish more exciting than underwear shopping - this girl couldn't pass up a good bra deal.

Of course, then I had to remember which bra size I wore. Ugh. I've been fitted twice in my many years of wearing actual bras.  While I would choose to wear a sports bra everyday, my mom doesn't approve. (Nor does she like racerback bras, sorry Court.)  Sports bras are so much easier than regular bras - for a few reasons:
1. They are great when you need to run from a burglar  - or is that just in Waldo?
2. They have the ability to give you great cleavage without all of those under wires
3. Well, I don't have a third reason, oh wait - they are generally cheaper than regular bras.

Yep. It's no lie - I would rather choose a sports bra over regular. But I might have changed my mind on the cheapness factor - and I'm not talking about the cheap looking bras with feathers or that are see through. Let's talk about how useless the see-through bras are. I mean really?

Victoria is going to tell me that a piece of see through lace is going to give me all day support? And yes, I do realize that those "special" bras are for a specific reason - I won't go there - my parents read this - but let's be honest: is that little piece of lace worth $56??  No, Ms. Secret, it's not.
A bra is only worth $56 if it can be used in multiple functions.

Which is why I said BOOYA to your sale on bras.  Oh yes, I will buy a bra for $12.99 and why I'm ad it, I will buy 4.

I may not be any coupon clipper and not always great at sales, but I did want to celebrate like those people in the SafeAuto commercials. (Ps, you might really want to look into what they are offering you....can you really safe that much?)

Of course the only problem with buying sale bras, is the fact that well, the options are limited. Sure, that neon green bra seems cute in the magazine and of course the little pink leopard one would be cute.  But I'm pretty sure people will be staring at my chest or through my shirts and wondering why I wanted the multi colored heart bra under my white shirt.

And in my old days of sneaking out with the forbidden tank top, it probably would have been the cool thing to do to let my bright straps hang out, now that I'm a married woman, it's not so appropriate. And it looks like I'm not able to dress myself in the morning. Or that I am dressing like a shacker for Halloween.

So I left the brightly colored bras in the bins, and left with the basics: black and beige. I'll probably leave the fun colors to my sports bras. They're more comfortable anyway.

I'm not going to lie. After re-reading this post, I'm pretty disappointed in my writing capability. But the thoughts of my dad reading about my bras freaked me out a bit. But then again it makes me laugh and think of when my mom used to ask me in a whisper if I needed tampons. Funny because my dad was there when she was putting them in the shopping cart, but feeling the need to whisper while he was standing in the same room. Yep....that seriously happened.

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