Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Photog In the Family

Recently I've noticed that our family picture taking has been mainly aimed at the 5 little monkeys. Obvious reasons of course: they are cute, they can do funny stuff, we can't wait to show embarrassing pictures (a la running in underpants in the back yard) when they are 18.

But I've also noticed that unless you are three feet and under, your face is in little to no pictures. Unless you do that smart move and hold up a baby to your face. Then you might have been able to be captured by the digital cameras around....until we see it's better with you cropped out.

And since my sister and I have working cameras, I feel like it's going to be our duty to capture the pictures of our parents, siblings and in-laws. And maybe capture them without their kids....they are real people. Plus how else are we going to embarrass each other at 30th 40th, 50th and 60th birthday parties?

You see, after going through my parents photo albums, prior to their perfect kids, and Ryan & Greg, my parents had pretty funny pictures. They captured moments like finding cowboy hats in a dumpster (true story), and others that I obviously can't think of now....maybe I should look through photos again. Either that or start taking a memory pill for this issue.

So I'm warning you now: there will be more pictures taken at family gatherings. I should probably warn my in-laws as well. Make up and showers may have to be required at family dinner. Although when we submit you for your make-overs, we'll need a good before disregard the make up.....unless you had a serious party night before.

Serious night out before....

And maybe before more pictures are taken, maybe we should learn how to pose normally....

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