Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Need What?

I've started something new.  Or rather re-started something. Apparently I'm training for a half marathon. Although I haven't officially signed up for the actually registered for the race, my sister-in-law will be holding over my head  is convincing me to sign up and run with her...or rather behind her.

It's something that I've wanted to do - run a half marathon, not continually run behind my sister-in-law. A few years ago the plan to run with a friend didn't really happen. During training I found out some interesting information. More interesting than just my slowness factor.  Apparently I had asthma...which began with a tight chest which brought on multiple tests.  Including having my heart sonogramed by a man who kept saying, "I'm moving my hand to the left, excuse me" all while having very close contact with the ladies.  (I feel like saying boobs is weird, knowing my Dad reads this)

The few months leading up to the race - in which I had to trade out my half marathon bib to 5K status and was judged harshly by the volunteers - were quite interesting. I still ran, slower and with an inhaler. You don't look like a runner when you carry an inhaler.

So after a couple of years and more realization that I do not have asthma but just allergy induced asthma - which made me want to chuck my inhaler down just like Hitch - made me want to start running again.  Oh and the fact that my pants are tight and the muffin top in this house was not in the kitchen.

Motivation and probably a little guilt trip has led me to begin my training this week. Yep. Training.  I'm actually going to try and build myself and my stamina up to run 13.1 miles. Obviously in all those miles I'm sure there will be the following: jogging, walking, crying, limping, and probably sheer excitement. But mostly walking will be happening. I'm not setting a specific time goal - other than finishing before they shut down the course and I'm stuck on the Paseo for too long.
Say it sister....

And where does this blog come in? Well, I've put on a little widget - called the Daily Mile to track my progress. And it will probably also be where I complain. It's going to happen. My complaint today: there's no gap between my thighs.
You've seen me sit down?

It's nothing new really. I'm pretty sure the only time there was space between my thighs were.....well, most likely never. This creates a small problem when I run.


Yes. Chafing.  Which consists of my thighs rubbing together with my shorts creeping up. And of course while my shorts creep up, I do the chubby girl pull down. It's pretty common and easy. You just have to throw out one leg while doing a hop style thing and quickly yank down your short.

I would do a little vlog - but then you might not be friends with me and continually stare at my thighs when we talk.

So I've done some research, i.e. read blogs by runners who might know what I'm talking about. Apparently there is this thing that you can rub on yourself to easily prevent this chafing situation.
No chafing here

Sweet...pretty sure after getting my new running shoes this will also help me become a runner. However explaining this situation and what I need to my husband makes for an interesting conversation.

Me: "I think I need to get something to make this rash thing go away."
T: "Like what?"
Me: "Well, it's sort of like lotion, but not really.'
T: "What do you mean like lotion?"
Me: "Um, well you know those commercials where you buy something for, um...."
T: Enter confused look.

I hope you can see where I'm going with this and not actually use the word. If you don't know, let's just say the conversation led to letters in the alphabet.

Get it? Great. Now to move on....I don't need that stuff, just the athletic type.

Hopefully this will improve my time.

Probably not though. Here's to hoping it will improve my chubby girls pull down of shorts method.

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