Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yeah, that whole domestic thing

Um, it's not happening so much around this household. I'll be honest, I thought that once that ring was on my finger it also brought magically skills of cleaning and cooking all while wearing pearls and heels.  Okay, so maybe not pearls, I'm more of a cute chunky necklace type of girl with some peep toes. (and most likely a sports bra. ha.)

At first I thought I could handle it, some simple recipes, some new dishes to try (nothing with carbs of course....or really a small amount), and decent tasting stuff.  Tony was even good enough to help out in the kitchen - or maybe he was checking out to make sure something didn't catch on fire.

I believe I successfully didn't catch anything on fire, however there might have been some smoke. Perhaps more than once the smoke alarm didn't go off. And why you may be asking of why I didn't turn on the fan in the stove hood (hood stove?), well, we don't have one yet.  We're still waiting on that little purchase for the over head microwave.  It's fine though, we prefer to use the arm workout/ridiculous amount of towel waving in front of the smoke detector.  Not only does it give you a great tricep workout, but you can also feel like you are dancing in the kitchen.

What am I talking about? I have zero amount of coordination - I use it mainly for the arm work out.

However, things in the cooking department have gone down hill. Well, there were never really uphill either - but neither was that whole cleaning thing. I'm pretty sure I still have a basket of laundry (unfolded) sitting at the end of our bed.....from last week.  I think my Gram needs to come and visit me while she's here. Hint, Hint Mom. Bring her over.

And since my work out classes (read holy cow the sweatiest, hardest workout ever) go until almost 7 or 8 at night - dinner seems to be pushed off until late. So my plan to make a fabulous four course dining experience gets a little shot. Are you believing that at all?

Enter the Italian Chef Tony. He's been taking over chef duties, shopping and even cleaning.  Okay, so he already did the cleaning because he has some standards that Molly Maid couldn't even meet. So the nice thing is that I get to come home to a meal that is ready and sitting on the table.

Um, hello - is this what men who brought home the bacon came home to for years??? This is the life! Except, I'd like to just workout and then come home....and Tony still bring home the bacon.  Too much to ask?

Okay - so it's probably not going to last for the rest of my life...or his...but a girl can dream right?

And I'm sure you're probably thinking that my cooking can't be all that bad.  Well, it's true. Let me give you some examples.

  • I attempted to make a raspberry trifle: I did not have a trifle bowl and no one ate it.
  • I made some cupcakes that turned out like muffins. Pretty sure my nephews just at the frosting off of them.
  • I burnt a hotdog. And not just burnt: could have used it as a hockey puck burnt.
  • And tonight: I burned a quesadilla.

A QUESADILLA?? I think all of my Mexican ancestors are rolling in their graves. It's sad really.

It's 8 months into this whole marriage thing and I should really be working on this cooking thing. I mean, I did open a few cook books - they have such pretty pictures.

I just wish they had recipes for hot dogs and quesadillas. Hmm...maybe that can be something I work on.

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