Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Happened

I saw something in the mirror yesterday.  At first I thought it was just the light...but then last night as I was staring into the mirror again (bring on the vain comments, I'm ready for them) I saw it again.


So I did what every normal person would do. I took a picture, well I took multiple pictures, but only one turned out pretty decent. I had others, but it's funny how mirrors catch whatever is going on in the background too. So I'll save you from seeing Tony and Tyson dancing in the background. They're special.

As I tried to tell Tony that I didn't understand this gray hair and why it's come on so early in my life: I don't have the ability to blame this hair on kids like my Mom likes to do. I don't have that stress....yet!
Thinking of what it could be, I came up with a few things:
  • Living in Waldo.....
  • Tyson.....he's cute, but boy is he needy
  • Keeping a clean house. What? It could stress me out if I actually cleaned it....regularly
  • Training to be a ninja. - And you thought you knew everything about me.
I went to bed tossing and turning trying to figure out if I just give up after this. Do I pluck it and let three more gray hairs grow back as my husband told me? Do I try and dye it....right now it's only one gray hair, so I could probably use like a sharpie or something. I do love the smell of sharpies.  But that would take a lot of work. Or do I try and hide this hair daily to make sure it doesn't show in public - because I do love me some stiff hair spray. Of course I could just let it all one with the gray hair and see how long it takes the others to come in....but then I thought that would also mean going hippie style, stop shaving my legs, let any facial hairs begin to sprout, putting the rest of my hair in braids and start using my "natural deodorant."

I woke up this morning realizing none of those things were me and the gray hair was just excess dry shampoo.

Well, at least I'll know of some options for later in life.

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