Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surprise....Kind of

This past week we celebrated three things: my sis' birthday (which she chose to celebrate in Colorado), my Dad's 60th - yep, the big 6-0! and finally we celebrated Tita! Yes, my Gram came back to visit hot Kansas for a few weeks - and I'm not sure who is more excited, my parents, my siblings or the babies who she giggles at endlessly.

I'd say we all won. Especially Tony who might actually have someone do his laundry and iron his clothes. To be fair, when the never ending question came out - "Should Caitlin do Tony's laundry?" My Gram answered no, and it was "good for her" not to do it! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Of course this is the same woman who told me that "if I got it, flaunt it." She rocks in all sorts of ways.

And this week with all sorts of craziness going on, we got to celebrate the Major's big 60th. Since some people would be gone for family dinner - we tried to surprise him with some ice cream cake. Leave it to me and Tony to have our timing off and show up with said ice cream cake as my Dad is standing in the garage. I guess that whole "surprise" business should be timed a little better.

I think he enjoyed it - especially the part where his grandsons helped blow out the candles, with spit and a mouth full of Chic-fil-A. We are a classy family I tell you.

Ice cream cake was had and I'm pretty sure the Maj enjoyed his birthday.....maybe for his 61st we'll be better about that whole surprise thing.

And while all five boys are entertaining, I want you to meet the youngest two. I foresee lots of baby fights in the future.

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