Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Beginning of a Project

I tried this little Project 365 last year - it didn't go very far.  For one reason, I kept forgetting to take pictures, and for another, when I took pictures, I couldn't remember what day I had taken them. It ended up being more like Project 17. I think I made it 17 days, or more, I can't remember.

So as one of my resolutions, I decided to pick it up again. While I think I should have also started with my camera, I'll stick with my phone for now - and then see where I can take it. If nothing else, it will make me pick up my camera, err phone, every day. And I'm going to document it a week at a time on this here blog, not only to hold myself accountable, but also to have a chance to look back and remember the past 365 days in pictures.

Of course this means you might have 298 pictures of Tyson to look at....I'll try and branch out my pictures as much as possible. For now, Days 1 - 8.

Day 1 - A workout to begin the new year

Day 2 - Someone bought bananas. Hint: his name begins with T and ends with ony.

Day 3 - A nice morning breakfast; 
My favorite winter snack; 
Something new to try....which makes me look all granola.

Day 4 - Getting the hair all nice and high; 
My friend and enemy; 
A convenient burn mark.

Day 5 - The things you find after cleaning out closets, thankfully this belonged to the old roommate; Enjoying a rare 60* day on the porch; 
Auntie Cait = a playground.

Day 6 - Goodbye Christmas Duck, it was nice having you as a friend.

 Day 7 - Hello old friend; 
Fighting for a Wildcat Victory

Day 8 - Christmas is put away until next year, sad; 
Inspired for a run with new pants

So there you have it - my first week in pictures. Only 51 more to go. And yes, there will be some days with one and others with more...some days, well some days I'll just be picture happy.

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