Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's Try That Again, Shall We

Well January 1 and 2nd weren't too bad - I still had a day off work and we had time to get together with family, got to lay in bed and veg out for a while and still had all my preparations done (coffee, lunch, workout clothes, work clothes) and all ready to go back to work on the 3rd.

I should have known it was not a good start to the day when I woke up late for class. Ugh. Its crazy to hear, and probably to admit as well, but if you're not in the parking lot by at least 5:30 am, you're probably going to have a bad spot in class. Well, I didn't make it in the parking lot (and yes, I leave my house by 5:15 am to get to class at 5:45 am - and sometimes try and leave by're wondering who I am now, aren't you?) so my workout friend and I had some pretty lame spots in class. Our normal spots were definitely gone, which ended up with me adjacent to a lady who chose to wear shorts instead of leggings (not the best idea when doing leg lifting things and other positions that may be a little too revealing).

But I survived class...barely.  Homeward bound I thought I was all good to go - my coffee was already done and I had plenty of time to actually wash and do my hair.  This is big people - I'm quite the fan of a messy bun, messy bun with headband, pony tail, and all other ways to disguise that you haven't washed your hair in  five four errr...two days, yep, we'll go with two.

That's where I made my mistake.  I began curling my hair, even using clips and things to make it seem easier. Apparently my hand-eye-hand holding coordination is way off because once that curling iron attached to my hair, it swung like Tarzan on the search for Jane, coming straight toward my neck.

And yes, I did say shit when it singed my skin.

It's a good thing that my injury has led me to be all boy scout prepared. I won't tell you that we ran out of band-aids when Tony cut his hand on a dog treat (yes, true story), but never the less, we at least had burn cream.  After dolloping on the burn ointment, I continued with the rest of my curling and made sure that I wore a scarf to work.

Of course, burn ointment is not a magical thing that makes sure you don't get a mark like this:

Yep. By the end of the day I had a straight up hickey looking spot on my neck  Awesome. And more awesome since I say the most cliche thing ever about how that mark got on my neck.  But it did - and for those who don't believe me - deal.  To think I would actually let Tony suck on my neck for that long is DI-sugsting. I mean really, its not like he's a vampire, nor do we enjoy any of the Twilight saga or bats - heck, we don't even like holding hands for that long (mine get sweaty....don't judge me).

So thinking that was a bad start I also walked into work facing my computer with the blue screen of death. Ugh. And to top my week off I also dumped hot chocolate all over my desk yesterday.  Apparently my karma was to make sure I don't drink empty calories. Thank you karma - I hear loud and clear...and disobey and make a new cup of hot chocolate.

So if we could, let's go head and go back to January 2 and have a re-do. My neck, my computer and my desk would all appreciate that kind gesture.

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