Monday, January 16, 2012

Here Goes Week Two

So as awful as last week was, I still managed to take all of my Project 365 pictures! I also managed to stay under our grocery budget...yes, I celebrate the small things, and to say "Booyah, in yo face!" to Tony whenever I get the chance.

Day 9: I'm bringing smelly tuna into the office; 
Workout supplies...butt kicking.

Day 10: Early morning wake up routine; 
Where' the Relish?; 
Rough day, pretzels & Diet Coke are needed, at least on a plane.

Day 11: Looks like a fun slide..kind of; 
Hello snow; 
The outlet that started it all.

Day 12: Slumber party at Nana & Grampa's - dinner is served; 
They call him Fire Dog; 
They're buddies!

Day 13: Yogurt covered raisins aren't just for kids.

Day 14: (Picture overload) Soccer boys; 
Skyping to Tokyo; 
An interesting view; 
Individual Game; 
Fixture changes a la flashlight.

Day 15: A 60* day in January

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