Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012. Let's Do This.

It's that time again. Time when people nurse their hangovers and vow to never drink like that again, make that greasy McDonald's their last meal before they start heading to the gym for a few months before "getting to busy." It's also about that time where people make resolutions to lose weight, get organized and probably something else that might happen for a few weeks and then fall off the resolution train.

For me? Well I was reading through last year's resolutions and am probably going to do a recap.  But I think I might be off to a good start with not having a hangover today and already attending a workout class - yes, I'm one of those people now and am obsessed. So obsessed that I actually told Tony I would rather have a good treadmill than any diamond jewelry.  Yes, I know, please close your mouth now.

Any who, thought you might get a kick out of recapping with me.  And if not, I'll add pictures so you can just scroll through those.

So as we embark on a brand new year and all make the attempt to make some New Year Resolutions, I thought I would share some of mine - I know, you're all dying to read about them.

  • Besides my ever lasting attempt to lose weight, my "weight" resolution is more than that - it's about getting in shape - so I don't get winded while walking up the stairs to work.
    • Began this task in October and am proud to say that my jeans size is smaller and I now have some actual muscular definition. However, I still get winded walking up the stairs at work. 
  • Become more familiar with the kitchen - and it's power to create things like dinner. Yes, we are all aware of my futile attempts to make dinner - and I will say that I had a redeeming one - but really make a good attempt to make more than cereal and quesadillas for dinner.
    • Somewhat of a fail.  Although my hits are starting to outnumber my misses.  Which is good for Tony so he doesn't have to run to Chick Fil A for a "second dinner." Also...I'm eating weird things now, like lentils and quinoa. 
  • Take a photography class. I might be a little obsessed with looking at photographers web sites and blogs and really make an attempt to learn the features on my camera. Lucky for me, I have a few subjects to try this out on: my nephews and Tyson - I'm not sure who will be easier to capture on film - but I'm sure a lot of fuzzy pictures and back of heads will be on the film.
  • Catching memories like this make that Facebook album worth it.
    • DONE! Yep - I have taken a couple and am pretty excited for another one this spring. Plus my Sugar Daddy has even given into my photography habit and bought me a new lens. While fuzzy pictures are getting fewer and far between, there might be some "artsy" ones to add to the mix.
  • Participate in the Photo Project 365.  I've seen some "real photographers" do this and I think it's a neat idea - and while my photos may not be all artsy and clear like of buildings and fantastic weather - it will be fun to go back and see the year in photos. Wish me luck!
    • Big fat fail. Yep, I think I mad it to day 23 and then lost count, forgot what picture I took on which day and really, I couldn't only get so creative taking pictures of my office in different lights.
  • Make our house a home. Granted we've lived hear for a while and have furniture, bedding and dishes - and we were able to get rid of most of the wedding gift boxes - things are still in a bit of an array. And it would also be nice if I could make our house look like Crate & Barrel, but baby steps. First I'll work on getting a new rug.
    • Done! While it's a little off from Crate & Barrel, we at least now have a new rug, decorations up and less boxes around the house. 
And I'm sure some of these "resolutions" may change a bit and become a little "altered," I'm going to really make a big push to do these. And of course a few other that I would like to do would be:
  • Go on more dates with my husband - actually trying new places or things to do around town.
    • Whoops. Some dates had to take a backseat to traveling schedules, but maybe something to strive for this year.
  • Travel! Yes - we took a backseat to our traveling so we could save for the wedding, but we have lots of friends in new and exciting places and we'd like to see them before they move back.
    • If traveling for weddings count, then this is Done. Chicago, and some wine country in Missouri made the cut, but Tony had his traveling done, even it was for work.
  • Read more - a la my new Kindle and expand my literature - even if it is some book about murder mystery - hey, maybe I'll learn a new fancy word or something. 
    • Yikes. Not so much. I should really start to work on this....especially since I'm even behind on behind from July.
  • Make an effort to spend time with friends - we all get busy and I know schedules don't always match up, but at least make efforts to see these girls a lot more.
    • If my friends keep having babies then I'll definitely see them more often. 
While thinking of all of these new and improved ways to make 2011 great - I figured there were also some that maybe I should try and avoid:
  • Like gaining 365 lbs. - while I enjoy the Biggest Loser, I do not want to be a contestant.
  • Wearing my hair in pony everyday - I'm 27 now - I should probably make a better attempt.
  • Oh I like to change it up with the high messy bun...but maybe I should stop wrinkling that forehead.
    • While it was not in a pony, I would have to say the messy bun might have been my hair for the year.
  • Push my snooze more than 6 times a morning - I'm tired of Tony poking me in the armpit to wake me.
    • Score. Down to just 4 snoozes.  But when that alarm goes off at 4:48 am, its hard not to press snooze at least once.
  • Start a burn book - it wasn't nice in Mean Girls, and I have no desire to make one either.
    • Check mark. Didn't do it, and still have no desire to. 
  • Avoid washing my hands. There is always a threat of H1N1 - and not washing your hands is pretty nasty.
    • I'm a washer - and now have hand sanitizer in my car at all times. Bring it on swine flu.
  • Cussing like a sailor. While it's not really attractive on a lady, I realize I'm not a sailor and I think saying Fiddly Sticks would be more funny than the other option.
    • Hmm. Never really got around to Fiddly Sticks, but I think my cussing has gotten better. Or at least I hope it has....but there might be some slip ups...especially when I knock sharp tweezers on my foot.

Wow. I apparently had some pretty big misses there. Hmm. Well I guess I should start off my resolution list with a resolution to keep my resolutions. ....or maybe I shouldn't looking at my track record.

Well, here goes nothing.
Sweaty shoes....but calories burned off. Booyah.
  • Keep exercising.  Yes, now that I get up every morning and workout, I can't imagine not doing it anymore. I get a high off the feeling of burning calories and feeling sore. It's weird.  I think I have a little Jane Fonda in my dying to get out....I'll leave the leotard at home though.
  • Push myself with my photography.  I have no excuses with a good lens and an upcoming class to not get out there and snap away. 
  • Save money.  Ai yi yi. This one is going to hurt.  But now that Tony forced asked that we have joint checking, this might be a little easier.  Or maybe I be trying out sneaky ways to get money out of him for my other workout clothes.
  • Get out of Waldo.  Okay, not really a resolution, but something that Tony and I are ready for....of course this goes along with that whole saving money thing.  But 2012 seems like a great year for us to get the heck of out of the ghetto and move to suburbia. 
  • Get organized.  While we were able to clear out 4 of of our 87 closets, we probably have a few more rooms to really organize. And in an attempt to break down our needs and wants (yes Dad, I did listen to those lectures, I mean advice conversations, it was just a matter if I did those or not), we have to remember what we really need in our house and what is just junk.
For now, I don't feel like those are too bad. Of course there are some others I should add to my list:
Next up to have a baby.....or maybe we'll just grab dinner. Less effort that way.
  • Stay in touch with friends and see them more....other than baby showers.
  • Cook more...and attempt to make better recipes.
  • Start Project 365 again...and stick to it....and not just of pictures of my desk.
  • Drink more might cause me to use the bathroom more than a pregnant woman, but the benefits are worth it.
  • Have more date nights. And not always spend money to do them. 
  • Read. I am still on a book from September and like it....but passing out at 9:30 pm is preventing me from reading.
  • Celebrate the small things.  A nephew went potty in the toilet? Let's have a cookie party! Lose another 3 pounds? Pedicure time. (of course that's if I can save my allowance.)
  • Take more walks with Tyson.  Poor guy gets the shaft sometimes when it's dark out and Tony's out of town.  Yep...there is not a chance we are walking when the creepers are out at night.
  • Print pictures.  I have lots....all on my computer, but still have the same pictures from college in the frames. It's time to upgrade.  Which also requires me to fore my friends and family to take more pictures together.  You're going to have to deal with it people....I'm over getting critiqued for having a photo album of 187 pictures on Facebook. 
I'm sure I could go on, but for now, I'll have that as a starting point. 
My wish for 2012 is to get off this porch...there is a whole trail over there for me to explore. Ugh. Lazy owners.
And maybe I'll set a reminder to look back at these in a month or two and see how I'm doing.  Just be prepared to see me with a camera in hand, running the stairs on the way to the bathroom.  Don't worry though, I'll be sure to say HI to stay on top of my resolutions.

Happy New Year to you and all of your loved ones...may you all accomplish your goals of losing weight, exercising more and getting organized!

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