Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Make Poor Decisions

I wouldn't say that I make poor decisions all the time...but every once in a while there is a little voice in my head saying, "oh that's fine, go ahead."  I should really shut that voice up, especially when it makes me feel miserable.

You're probably wondering what that voice has been making me do.  Well, in the past its been to have another glass of wine or an extra bite of fries or even to go ahead and purchase that purse, it's worth it.  Well little voice, you've done it again, make me sick to my stomach...literally.

After catching up with a friend over dinner the little voice was telling me that a milk shake was a great idea.  What that little voice didn't know is that lately dairy has not been my friend. Actually, dairy has been my worst enemy.  And for a girl who would willingly drink a gallon of milk by herself, this is a heartbreaking loss. For both of us....and our grocery bill - well maybe not the bill, but you get the idea.

So now I'm cursing that little voice who told me the milkshake was a good idea.

Long story short, I make poor decisions...of course I blame that little voice. I'm working on shutting that voice up.

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