Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Friday Facts

I guess the phrase: "Whoops, it's been a while blog," might be a little overused on this here blog. I wish I could give the excuse that we were traveling the world, or strategizing for world peace, and maybe even just having a lot of evening meetings, but alas, that would all be false.  I haven't updated the blog for one reason: laziness.  Yep - by the time I'm home from work, catching up on the ridiculous amount of blogs I have, eat dinner, hang outside with Tony while the weather is nice and then catch up on the ridiculous amount of television I watch, I'm just too lazy to write a blog.  So today I'll stick to that little "Five Friday Facts" and maybe, just maybe, you'll get a real update this weekend.  I wouldn't hold your breath though - for one it's unhealthy and for two it's really hard if you want to get anything else accomplished.

1. I didn't wash my hair today and yes, I did workout and sweat - a lot of sweat. Instead of a sleek hairdo, I'm going with that "beachy wave" look - however right now it looks like I just got out of bed.

2. I had an x-ray on my knee this week - I wish I could say it was my first x-ray, but it wasn't, I've had a few...surprisingly, no broken bones - just bad lugs, bad intestines and a crazy knee.

3. With the lottery tickets being bought like mad, I will tell you've I've never bought a lottery ticket. It's true - while my Dad buys them for our stockings every year, I've never gone on my own.

4. I have not kept up with my Lenten sacrifice. My giving up chocolate didn't go so I'm going to put a call into the Holiest lady I know, Tita, and ask her to say some extra prayers for me. I think I should try and go an extra 40 days and try it again.

5. I've put on some LB's since my bootcamp ended. It's frustrating - however I know my #4 fact has something to do with well as the mac & cheese I ate last night, the boxes (yes, plural) of cereal I have eaten and my lack of a second workout of the day. It's time to get serious people....tankini season is coming up. Or at least, that's what I'll be sporting along with Umbro shorts if I don't get my head in the game.

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  1. I don't wash my hair that often... Like every other day... okay, maybe every three days. My hairdresser loves me though because my hair's so healthy.