Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prepping the House

Slowly but surely, we are prepping our house to be put up on the market.  Since it seemed like we had a mile long list to tackle, it also seems like we've been working on a project every weekend minus the weekend I thought I was 21 again...that Saturday, nothing happened except laziness and having a fat kid day to the fullest.

Tony has been Mr. DIY, taking great measures to make sure everything is the way he wants it (um hello perfectionist...). After each project he occasionally says, "I don't know why we waited so long to do that." Neither do I, however I"m sure it has something to do with wanting to spend money on more exciting things than sod, paint, electrical outlets, etc. Of course I'd rather spend money on more exciting things than all of those items, well, with the exception of electrical outlets - those are needed a little more than my need of new shoes.

So we've completed quite a bit of our mile long list - and in true us fashion, as close to our deadline as possible. We've re-grouted parts of the kitchen, updated the floors in the master bath, painted the master bath, made the basement look like an insane asylum....I mean paint the basement, cleaned out a bunch of crap in the basement, sodded the back yard and cemented the front porch step.

Okay...obviously there are some parts of our list that I didn't tackle - mainly the sod and the front porch. Those were two jobs that 1. I knew nothing about and 2. Seemed like a lot of effort.  Instead, I watched my Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law help with both.  Of course a cement project required the help of a four year old and an almost two year old and my sister.

And when I say help, I mean watch, talk about how loud things are, and then have dance parties.  We also did important things like getting lunch. Let me tell you, those projects of ours were important.  And after learning from my sis that apparently our house is a child death trap - apparently that's a project we don't really need to tackle quite yet - we focused on more exciting things like staring at Tyson while in his kennel, and letting me know that since we have a second bedroom they could stay over. Little do they realize that the big dog in the kennel also stays here, so it would be one long night...most likely for me.

But I digress. Projects are being completed, items are being crossed off my to do list - yes, mine, I wrote this one, I'm sure Tony has several around, probably on the back of envelopes, but mine is hung on the fridge just waiting for the Sharpie crossed out line to say, "DONE!"

So if you're wondering where we are or what we're doing - most likely it's a house project. The weekend pretending like I'm 21 is never happening again - I'm 29 now, I have to start making 29 year old decisions....like buying sod instead of a new dress for spring. See...important decisions.

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