Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Friday Facts

It's been awhile since I have blogged, so long that I had no idea that Blogger had a new layout for posting...lesson learned, get back to blogging.  I also know it's been too long when I have friends asking me to blog, not because I'm funny or have something interesting to say, but so they can have something to read while at work.  Thanks friends, I'll try to oblige.

Here we go with Five Friday Facts.  Its my little attempt at trying to be a professional blogger who has cute things to write about during the week. While my facts may not be anything intellectual, they are things that are happening in my life - actual, non-exaggerated things.

1. It's Friday, normally a casual day at offices around the nation, however I'm dressed up for a meeting. Which means my hair is actually done, not washed, but looks presentable. I also have a shirt tucked in my pants, which is giving me that sweet line you see people have when they have shirts tucked in. My booty has a mind of it's own and somehow makes any line seem larger - black pants or not my butt is screaming "Hey look down here, she has her shirt tucked in!" This obviously leaves me to be self-conscience when I walk away from people.

2. Tony and I were chatting about me working out after having our future babies. He knows my obsession passion enthusiasm for Fusion Fitness and stated that I would probably be back there working it out after said baby. I agreed - therefore he said he would go ahead and let me spend whatever I want if it has anything to do with health and fitness. I of course made the mistake of telling him that me and future baby would be visiting the best store ever, and he made sure to add that asterisk of "well to a certain degree." Dang me and my big mouth....I'll just tell him they also sell baby items.

3. The scale has not been my friend lately. While wavering a bit, it's for sure gone up. I keep blaming water weight and not the cookies, cake and ice cream that I've been eating lately. And it's definitely not the cake truffle sitting on my desk that has made my weight go up, no sir, I'm sure it's just water weight. Or allergies.

4. I lost a contact last night while taking them out. Slippery little sucker flew out of my hand while going in the case. Of course they were my last pair and I had not made my appointment for my eye doctor yet to get more. So working out this morning was interesting in my glasses. It's not easy to replicate some of the moves when the teacher is all blurry - it might have been a great excuse to take a break, but then I also realized I can listen to the instructions to do the moves. Luckily my doctor is giving me a trial pair until my appointment. Score for me, cause being four-eyed is not all it's cracked up to me. Especially when my husband says I look like Sarah Palin.

5. I'm taking a photo walk class tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. Of course my excitement grew when I went to check on details and I realized I would have been two hours early to the walk. It seriously pays to read details about your upcoming events. Changing scenery will be good to get my out of my comfort zone. Especially since my "models" aka nephews are starting to run away every time they see me. It might be because I growl back at them, but that black thing in front of my face might not help either.

There you have it, Five Friday Facts. Maybe next week I'll actually remember to do it again, but at the rate that I'm going it will be at least another month. 

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