Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Friday Facts

I remembered Five Friday Facts! I will go ahead and give this one a "Job Well Done" sticker. I wish they gave those out at real people jobs.

1. We're having a Delta Dinner Lunch tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it.  While it won't involve countless bottles of wine like the last time - I hosted last month and my trash sounded like a bar...I'm not complaining, just loving that we all come together, gossip, talk and enjoy some wine! Whoops, sidetracked - yes, probably no wine, but plenty of laughs and I'm sure there will be some baby talk going on!

2. After having a stager come to the house I feel as though it would be good job - you get to tell people how to move around their house and then leave and get paid for it.  Duh...sign me up.

3. I'm running in the Trolley Run on Sunday with behind my sister-in-law. She's speedy. Tony asked me last night if I was going to run with my inhaler. Sad. Positive note: I haven't had to run with my inhaler for months. So either I had allergy induced asthma or I was just really out of shape.  I'm probably going with out of shape.

4. I picked up my sister from the airport this week and we got to have a conversation about adult things. For once we didn't pause mid-sentence to stay, "No Teo," or "Say armpit," or growl at each other.  While I love pausing mid-sentence normally, it was fun to chat with her...until my phone rang so loudly it scared the crap out of both of us.

5. I've over house projects. While I know this is all getting ready for us to put our house up, I'm glad last night we took a break from our To-Do list and got to hang out together. But I'm SOOO ready to get this house sold!

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