Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Should Not Do Projects Together

Remember when I was all excited about crossing things of on our To Do List?  Well my hopes and dreams of getting this list done were smashed when we were contacted by our Stager. Yep - our realtor has been able to provide us someone to come in and tell us how to place things in our house to make it sell even faster (or at least that's what I came up with when I heard the term "stager").

So as Tony chatted with her on Saturday, we realized pretty quickly that we had a lot more to do.  We were almost done with the house being painted, we had carpet cleaners coming soon, our Tony's cleaning abilities are great, so our house would be immaculate, and we already had a feeling we'd have to remove all the pictures in our house.  Done - easy, smallish things on our list.  Well...that's where we thought wrong.  Somehow our To Do list grew onto multiple pages and suddenly we're running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get the house ready - just for the stager, mind you- by Wednesday morning. Mainly because that's the only time she had available in the next two weeks.  Since neither of us really wanted to wait any longer than we had to, we set the appointment, I took off work and we wrote more on our To Do list.

Thank goodness normal family dinner was cancelled on Sunday...or really we probably should have asked all of them to come over and get their clean on. From what I've seen, at least two of the nephews are pretty good cleaners.

As of now, pictures are down - which made me a little sad, then I remembered I wanted to move, so I got over my sadness pretty quickly, we went through our closets, again, (seriously, we had even more crap to clean out - where does it come from???), we vacuumed, cleaned baseboards, touched up paint, got bins to organize and I even got a little potted plant to have on the porch.  Yes - me with plants - they are still alive, mainly because Tony reminded me to water them yesterday and took them inside at night since it was going to get pretty cold.  I'm asking now for anyone who has planting experience (and not the Farmtown kind) to come and help me in our next home...I kill things all plant related, true story.

It's not like any of you really would like to know all this...and I'm sure by reading the title of this post you would like me to get to the point...so sorry. I realize that this is getting to be a post about my daily routine -and I hate reading those, I'll be getting to my point now since I really don't want to proof and edit this post. (Read: Lazy)

Since we have a large space in our basement, our stager suggested that we set up a ping pong table - yes, we have one and it's never been actually used for ping or pong games. So thinking it would be an easy set up, we attempted to set it up last night.  Note: I said attempted, but there is more to this story. 

Prior to the set up stage, I think Tony had it out for me - not in a crazy way, but maybe in a "she's always injured, so it would be funny to see what happens next" way. You think I could make this up.

First we had to move his old bed - yep, one of the other fun things we have in our basement, a random double bed with a box spring. Why we had to move this? Well in our first attempt to just "set up" the ping pong table resulted in my toes almost being taken off.  Tony was able to tell me that this table was pretty heavy - after we started lifting and dropped it (okay, so it was set down, but that set down was pretty fast). Our thought since each table had four legs, we could just set it up - but no, that's when heavy ping pong tables come crashing down.

It was apparent that we needed a third party to help us. Pretty sure that our friend are avoiding our phone calls to ask for help. But someone ( ME) had the idea to just set it up on the wall and see if we could put it together that way. Somewhat genius, if I do say so myself.  Of course putting these tables against the wall also led to my feet and toes in fear of being amputated.

Moving forward, we got the tables up and my brute strength held them up while Tony bolted them together - however whatever the tool things are that help bolt these things together did not match.  And for some reason rather than going to get the entire tool set that had a possible matching one, Tony had decided to keep digging through his little tool bag.  I restrained myself from saying anything and thought I would just type it on the blog - and waited until he went and got the entire tool set. See? Good wife.

Little did I know that a bit later one of those tools would come within centimeters of my toes - again with the attempted injuries! Tony laughed and said, "whoops."

While I enjoy spending time with my husband, I realize doing projects together may need some work, mainly so I am free from injury.

One more day to get some projects done - up next: super house cleaning and cleaning carpets.  Oh and I have to plant those flower things for front porch.  Let's hope none of these to do's lead me to injury. Wish us luck.

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