Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Friday Facts

Well I know you must be impressed that I am actually doing Five Friday Facts on Friday - however I have not blogged since shame. I could give you the excuses that this has been a really busy week, but I'll be honest - after family in town, the Kenny/Tim concert and laziness, there was nothing really to blog about.  Unless you wanted me to tell you that two days is never enough with family, I have lack of self control when surrounded by friends and that I should do something other than catch up on trashy tv or my favorite blogs.....if you wanted to read that then let me know.

Until then, here are Five Friday Facts to brighten your day.

1. I'm wearing a braid in my hair right now.  Like one to help hold back my bangs - since I haven't cut them (not even by myself) in quite a while.  I should really schedule a hair cut, however it took me almost a full three weeks to reschedule my eyebrow wax appointment, I foresee my haircut taking at least another 3 months.

2. Selling a house takes a long time.  And here is a fact about selling a house: it's not as fun as it seems. You know those stories about yourself, your brother, your friend or that neighbor down the street who sells their house in 24 hours, two day or two weeks? Well hold onto those stories and pray like you've never prayed before for that situation to happen to you.  Granted we've only had our house on the market for a month-ish, but when people tell  you those stories, deep down you want that to be you....and generally it's not. And since Tony and I have mentally checked out of this house every day it gets a little harder to wait for a showing. Plus, cleaning sucks.

3. We have yet to go to the grocery store this week and I will tell you that making a list and menu for the week is not that fun.  So instead I ask Tony very sweetly to bring me lunch....which has happened more than once in the past week or so. On today's menu: guacamole....from Jalapenos. Best thing ever. I ate the entire portion for myself - all while reminding myself that this is the healthy fats and this is way better than french fries. It was scrumptious and I cannot get enough of that heavenly food.

4. My godson is obsessed with me.  I'm not even trying to be arrogant - you can ask my sister. That boy loves me, saying my name (over and over again) and making sure that I am safe. He made up a story about how a dog bit me. Or in his language: "CAIT! Dog bite Cait." Um, nope, no dog bite here - just lots of slobber.  Although he said 543 times while I was not there, it's nice to know he's always thinking of me- it's the perk of being a fairy godmother.

5. I learned a new trick on Lightroom that will help me post my Project 365 pictures better. Thank you Google - you're teaching this girl one step at a time. I know that you wanted that fact about me to end this post.

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