Thursday, June 7, 2012

Five Friday Facts...A Little Early

I'm doing this weeks Five Friday Facts a little early - due to the fact that we have family coming in town today and since it's hard enough for me to remember them weekly, it will be the last thing on my mind since Tita will be here. Yes - Gram is coming and I don't know who is more excited, her daughter, her grandkids or her great-grandkids.  Yes, those five boys love their Tita and will gladly put her in her place....I think they are the only ones who could ever tell her no. Of course they are usually copying her with their no's, or "No, no, no, no's."

1. Tony purchase himself an iPad last week.  I had no problem with him getting one or spending the money on one.  He's been wanting it forever and I usually get something as well when he makes a purchase.  It's like he has buyers guilt - not guilt that he bought something, but guilt that I didn't get something too.  His shopping is usually a bonus for me.  This time I got a new photo editing program called Lightroom. I think I could spend gobs of time on it - and wish I had that time.  Instead I try and work on it at work editing pictures of work things and then at night.  Using this program has already made me want to work on my photography more (which will happen this weekend) and get a couple more photography programs to use as well.  Trouble for Tony.

2. The house selling is just going okay.  Well annoying, but okay.  And instead of waiting around, we decided to go on a trip to Mexico.  These are the things we do while we are kidless. It's pretty great.  Although a friend made fun of us for "saving money" - but Tony is the saver in this group and he's happy where we're at - so we're taking a trip with all that extra money we save while we wait for the house to sell. In reality, it works out for me, trip = new clothes. Win, win.

3.  After my bootcamp session ended I will admit that I put on a few lb's. Yes, apparently when you lose weight, you have to maintain it - which meant not eating anything and everything.  So I was back at watching what I ate and made sure to work out a little more.  Well I finally managed to get one pound away from my ending weight. I celebrated with cake someone had in the office. Ah crap....that was the wrong decision, wasn't it?

4. I'm really behind on my blog reading.  My google reader is full - like over 500 entries full. So on my lunch breaks I've been trying to catch up - every time I think I'm getting somewhere, the next day that number is back up again. I really need a day off with nothing to do but catch up on blogs. You might think I would have said, chosen less blogs to read, but let's be honest, I'm the girl who can't get rid of shoes that don't even fit, but keep them because they are pretty - you think I'm actually going to give up reading a blog?

5. I'm going to the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert on Sunday.  I'm excited to wear my boots and if I hadn't gone over my budget a couple of weeks ago, I'd ask to go and look for a new dress.  But I already got two - and might have found one in my closet that still has the tags on it.  Now I just need to know which one to wear to the concert - the dilemmas I deal with. But hey, at least I get to wear my boots!  Too bad it will be 900 degrees out there - pony tail, yes please.

There you have it - Five Friday Facts that I know made your day and helped you get a jump start to your weekend.

Oh and because a post wouldn't be complete without a picture - here a little collage from Memorial Day.

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