Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Friday Facts

It's Friday - thank goodness! For some reason this week has felt really long, even Tony thought it was long after a hectic week of playing golf and schmoozing. Rough life that guy leads.  The good news is that we don't have much happening this weekend and we're both pretty happy with that.

So here are some Friday Facts - and cheers to the weekend!

1. I have not worked out in three days.  I know, I know, it's not like me - nor do I like it. The only positive thing is that the scale has not moved in the past week and my pants still fit.  Hell yes. I had some things to get done the past couple of days (which did not get done....hmmm) and really had zero motivation.  You would think I'd be pulling two-a-days since our trip is in two weeks.  Apparently that whole stress thing that most women have when they know they are going to be in a swimsuit has no affect on me. I guess I should start looking for a one piece and a mumu cover up. One pieces are in...haven't you heard?

2. I cannot get enough avocados this week, or really the past two weeks.  I search the menu's lately for anything that has avocados.  It's a horribly wonderful addiction. The other day I also realized I ate more green than any other color - I'm not kidding.  Breakfast: Green smoothie, Lunch: edamame hummus, Dinner: at moms, I had a vat of guacamole. It was heavenly. (And yes, I had green chile at my mom's last night...ama-zing.)

3. Currently I have nail polish on all of my fingers.  That being said, no fingernail is fully coated. Actually there are hunks of polish missing on every finger. My nails have been like this since Sunday. I should really go and get a manicure.

4. Tita is leaving on Monday.  It will be a sad, sad day. However after dinner last night, I think she's almost had her fill of small people under 4....and my demanding brother.  However he did manage to get her to make her green pork chile and homemade tortillas. My mouth is watering as I type this. There is nothing better than homemade tortillas by White Cloud. And if you think there is anyone in this family who dislikes tortillas, you would be sorely mistaken....and they would be thrown out. Tortillas are good with everything - butter, hot dogs, green chile, butter, peanut butter and plain. If my husband wasn't the carb police, I would eat them every day.

5. Be ready for this one - I actually did Tony's laundry.  I might not have finished it, or my may be sitting in the washer still, but I did it.  And I even folded it.  Shocking.  However I realized why I don't like doing his laundry.  Holes. Everywhere in everything.  Case in point: his socks. He came home the other day and I noticed one little hole in his sock and thought, that can't be comfortable, I know my toes find holes in my socks and immediately jut out (side note, my siblings and I have extraordinary toes that may have finger like capabilities, picking things up, playing the piano, it goes on) I throw those socks away.  However it was when he turned and walked away that I saw his entire heel. No trace of sock was found as he walked. So I ask, what is the freaking point of wearing a sock??? So when I do his laundry again in approximately three months, I'm going to throw out all things with holes.  He's been warned at least three times....which may explain why he hasn't complained that I don't do his laundry.

Happy weekend - may pools and summer cocktails be in your future!

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