Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Bonding Experience

Apparently it what Tony and I are doing lately. Forced bonding really. You see, this so-called "bonding" is over our little friend Mickey and Minnie. The mice. Yep, we have a mouse in our house - and just breaking news: RATS.I have a rat running around my brand new, whoops, sorry, our brand new panini press, blender and fabulous Rachel Ray baking pans. Ugh.

Seriously??? RATS?????Mind you, we really only figured this out last night after having our friends Kristen & Jerred Google their way into our situation. However, they do have experience in one of their houses. I'll go ahead and say they are experts - and they really know how to make me cringe. Hence, the beginning of our bonding.But let me go back - to when we first realized we had visitors.

And for this - I blame/thank Mr. Tony. Yes - partly blame because he crazy cleanliness had finally reached a breaking point and we needed to clean the house through and through. That's when it happened - the moment we opened the spare bedroom door. And there, sparkling like the nastiness it is: mice dung. Mice feces, mice poop, mice excrement.Ugh.

And so my dreams about things crawling up the stairs began.However, we also noticed a slight smell in the kitchen - which made me a crazy woman, since I am always fearful of visitors coming in our house and doing the sniff test. You know, like that cat odor commercial - which is gross - but I'm afraid our house smells like Tyson, or recess, you just never know.

So it began - Tony set glue traps, I put out baking soda, and we waited. And waited. And what do you know, those little stinkers POOPED ON THE GLUE TRAP! What?? Oh yes they did. Back to the hardware store for Tony - and little to my knowledge Tony got traps for rats. Yes, rats.But those little stinkers - they apparently were not afraid. They just went on their merry little way and kept pooping on the bad. Ugh.

I had to go out of town and Tony took on the task of figuring out the mysterious odor while I was away.Which led to the following texts:
Tony: Found a mouse in the bottom of fridge. Though we was dead and he just moved!
Tony: I can't get to him. I'm looking thru back and hes in front.
ony: So I got it to come out and it was freaking big!!! I kind of jumped like a girl. And tried to hit it with broom and missed. Ugh. So gross.
So back to last night: And our Google experience with K & J. Rats was the common denominator and thus began our super bonding experience.And my picture taking fun. Oh, you think I didn't document this? Heck yes I did!It began with removing of the fridge. And yes, I was on the chair, holding a broom.

And yes, even standing on a chair, I didn't want a rat to come out and greet me.
But before we really begin, let's just take another look.Tyson watching from the hallway. And of course, we used boxes from showers to block the RAT to leave the kitchen and Tyson from coming in.Ugh. We found rat pee - so the process began to clean up the pee and vacuum up the poop inside the fridge.

Tyson: What the heck is going on?

Really, this is what we do on a Saturday night....

And after cleaning up, our skills moving the fridge back did not work so well. Sorry linoleum.
So this morning, after thinking we were able to do so much, I told Tony I would feel more comfortable with the door blocked. So he blocked it with a towel, and while letting Tyson out this morning, he couldn't pull the towel back out. Why? Because the RATS had eaten it!!!

So immediately I had to blog about it. And after debating for a while, we have an exterminator coming out in about 15 minutes - and just because it's our luck, they charge more because it's a holiday weekend.



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