Friday, July 30, 2010

Get Out Your Writing Utensils

Tonight begins, or rather begins again the process of invitations. Previously, my mom and I have pre-stuffed the envelopes. But of course, we as over-analyzing women we are, talked about how we were going to place them, how they would look and so forth and so on. (And yes Sara W., I did ask how they should go in the envelope so that right handed people could read them correctly - why they just can't flip it over like all the rest of the world, I'm not sure) I digress.

But tonight begins the hand cramping, hand shaking, ink smearing task of addressing these fine envelopes. I've been doing hand exercises and stretches all day. No, not really, that's weird. However, I am nervous about taking on this task.

But why Caitlin? You're mom has amazing, perfect penmanship and you have great first grade-taught writing. (This is actually true, I'm the go to person at work to write out flip charts, signs, and even artwork) But still, I'm nervous, and to most of your surprises, no, although I was a bridesmaid 72, I mean 12 times, I really only helped address one person's wedding invitations.

Mrs. Katie Wenger somehow thought that I would be good at addressing her future wedding invites to go out to hundreds of people. Ugh, I was so nervous, I probably had upper lip sweat.

And for my sisters, well, pretty sure at that time in my life, my writing was all bubbly and included hearts over the eyes. So they just gave me stamps (and yes, Courtney did check the placement of my stamps -- slave driver I tell you).

So as invitations go out in a few weeks, there may be some ones that look like a professional calligrapher has done them. Those would be the Kath's. The ones that look like a preschooler did it, we'll say those were done by the nephews. My mom does have crayons in the dining room.

Hopefully my mom won't critique my writing - but if she does, I know how to place a stamp like a pro!

So please, don't judge the writing, judge the placement of the stamp.

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  1. You have GREAT handwriting. Believe me I didn't let just anyone write on my invitations.....Wait, yes I did!!!