Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Slick Rick the Rat

It's been long coming, but his terror is over. After a frightful night of hoping to wake up to a dead rat, instead, Slick Rick was able to just give himself a slight waxing. Um, yes, you read that right - the RAT got OFF the industrial strength glue trap.
I mean, these glue traps were so strong that once Tony "accidentally" put two of them together, neither of us could pull them apart. So apparently Rick is a rat on roids or Tony and I really need to start adding more weights into our workout routines.

Oh Rick, you sneaky little thing. I'm tired of your little ratty ways. So as Tony had to take off for Columbia, I went to work and spread the word about our little "friend" via Facebook. And let me tell you - there were times that I was afraid people would think our house is dirty! Not so much - you see, Tony is freakishly clean. And when I say that, I mean, he'll pick up little bits of string off the floor that no one else can see, he'll straighten out magazines when they are so aligned that they look like a book, and then he'll comment on what a big mess I've made.
Okay, so maybe I am the one who should worry about being clean....
Anyway! Tony got back early from Columbia and spoke with the owner of the exterminators that we had called on Sunday - yes, they even answered on Sunday - bless them! But he came out because I'm pretty sure Tony instilled the fear that I had about Slick Rick to Anthony (yep, his name was Anthony too).
So Anthony came and met Tony to get Slick Rick out once and for all - side note, I kinda wanted to ask Tony if they shared a meatball sub before doing the extraction and capture of Slick Rick, but I thought that would be pushing it.

Straight to work they went, and Tony let Anthony know his theory about how Rick might be behind the dishwasher. Meanwhile, we had been all sure that they were not getting into Tyson's food because there weren't any holes in the bag and well, Tyson's a little piggy, so his food level was normal.
And yes, I started the dishwasher yesterday morning, because in my mind, obviously running the dishwasher would make Slick Rick crazy and die. My theories don't work so much, but at least the dishes were clean when I got home.But out came the dishwasher and out came Slick Rick....running, furiously into the hallway. In my mind little mouse race music was going on - or that really dramatic music from Fifel (thank you K Mann for putting that in my head) where they are on a search for safety is playing. Obviously I was not there or there would have been screaming and jumping.

But he ran into our "crap closet" and Anthony smartly put 17 glue traps down in front of the closet and then began to pull things out - and Ta Da! Slick Rick, not so smart, into the glue trap at full force and smooshed with 22 other glue traps.

And how did I learn that Slick Rick, was no long slick? I got two picture texts around 2:30 pm.

Meet Slick Rick the Rat.

Oh yes, RIP Rick. You measured 5 inches and caused this mess behind our dishwasher:

What's that you ask? Why yes, that is Tyson's dog food. Why we didn't think he could CRAWL INTO Tyson's food bag was beyond us, but I'd like to think Tyson was just sharing. Which we need to teach him good sharing and bad sharing. Obviously this is bad sharing.

So between the 74 traps we now have set up around the house, in the house and clean up, we need to save just a little more for the wedding. Or really hope people start staying no. Good timing Slick Rick, good timing.

But he is no more - and although Tony set up Fort Knox again last night, there were no more signs of Rick or his posse. Let's hope not, because Tony just left to go out of town today - and Tyson and I don't do rats.

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