Saturday, September 11, 2010

You use a pie plate for what?

The time is quickly passing by and Tony and I are definitely counting down. Him, maybe a bit more - but I think he's getting tired of the questions about the details of the wedding. But, as I type this, we only have 49 more days, yes eight more Saturdays before the big day.

And to make me realize time is flying by, I had my last bridal shower today. Yes - although my sister likes to think I had 74 showers, really I only had 4. She's just mad because I made her work at all 4 and she had to go to all of them. Ha....wait until we have babies!

Just kidding - she was great and today she even got to experience what it was like having a little girl around, which is way different from her nose-picking, peeing-on-a-tree, rough and tumble boy. So needless to say, the pressure is on for Tony and I to have a girl.

Let's get this straight people - we will be waiting to have kids - so the first person to ask when we'll have babies gets a pie to the face. Yep, for the first few years, I will be having pies with me at all times in case this question pops up. So be ready.

But on to my shower - or rather my lack of knowledge at my showers. I have gotten some fabulous gifts at all the showers that have been thrown for me and I was always excited to open them. But then there is usually a question about the gift I receive. Not a question like, what is this, but more like a question of, what do I do with this.

My sister and sister-in-law take great joy in teasing me about this too. Example: I got a fabulous set of Rachel Ray pans - they are super cute with little orange handles on them. To which I was asked, what are you going to use those for after opening.

Um, well, I know the big one I can bake brownies in...the small rectangle ones are for bread. And well, the round ones...pie. Yes, I bake a pie in those.

Fail. (By the way, if I could make a sound that sounds like the wrong buzzer on games like the Price is Right, that's what would be happening now).

Okay, so I'm not the best with kitchen tools, but every one of them that I opened, I get the idea that I could be a great chef, or baker or something. But then, they new tools get put away and I realize popping a Lean Cuisine in the microwave is way easier.

Anyway, I did get this nifty dough thing-y with a handle and this wires. I was very excited for it - and then I got the question of what I would do with it. Whatever people! Why don't you ask me these questions about the wine glasses and Vino carafe I open?? I know what to use those for.

In my mind, I will soon be creating this lovely home-cooked meal followed by a fabulous dessert that will look like it came out of a magazine all while enjoying a glass of wine and creating a beautiful centerpiece flower arrangement. Oh, and the house will be spotless.

This is obviously just my imagination running wild. I mean, I had to look up in a cookbook about how to hardboil an egg. They actually turned out just fine, thank you very much.

And although I am sad that I just had the last of my showers, I am so grateful for everyone that came and I'm so glad I got to hang out with my college and high school friends. I can't wait for the wedding - and to see all of you there! But on to pictures - which I realized after they all left, we failed to take a college girls picture. So next time - we'll fake it!

Showing off my new pie, dough wirey thing.

Some background for this next picture. It's a tradition for my high school girls - we've done it since one of the very first Father/Daughter dances - and yes, Katie is always in the front. Expect it to be happening on the wedding as well.

Our moms of my high school friends - they have been fabulous and thrown a wedding shower for each and every one of us. And although for a while, it was every year, I through a loop in those plans, so one year skipped - but the last one was today!

Kristen and Madison came! As our flower girl, Madison helped out more by helping to open gifts : ) And she was a big hit!

So it's almost time - we're both excited for the wedding to be here and to enjoy all the time with our friends and family. And maybe shake a leg or two.

And if anyone would like to give me a cheat sheet with the tools that I use in the kitchen, that will be fabulous. Until then, it's Lean Cuisines for dinner.

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