Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Numb Toes Aren't Normal?

I have survived the big night out. Well sort of - I should be singing Gloria's rendition of "I will Survive," however I think Beyonce and the gangs "Survivor" is more appropriate.

But I digress. I made it through my big night out with no vomit, a tranny sighting, and lots of memories to not remember. Alright - I really do remember them, but it's a lot funnier saying that you won't. And I must say, my friends tried very hard for this to happen for the last fling before the ring. And they were almost successful.

Our big night began with dinner at El Patron - and yes, it was delicious! Our water and his boss made sure that we had a good time by providing some small drinks of adult beverages, also known as shots. And my sister even sipped on hers - I was very proud!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I was also provided a special hat to wear...oh, let me show you.
What? You don't think it was a small hat? Right - it wasn't - it was a large sombrero that they even made me wear in the car ride to the restaurant. I was quite a hit. I did get to change into a fabulous tiara that said "Bachelorette" on it later - I really didn't fit through doorways well with the sombrero.

After a fabulous dinner - which dad, I mean Tony, mad sure to emphasis that I eat a lot of - and trust me, that salsa and chips were amazing. I will say that after dinner, tequila and sombreros, my Irish side felt quite left out. Lauren offered car bombs, but I declined. Sorry Dad, this Irish half always gets forgotten about - maybe some cabbage at the wedding?

Um, okay, so probably not, I heard it causes gas and a gassy receptions sounds loud and dangerous. I'm just saying.

As we made our way back to Jen's, it was fabulous to see a bunch of friends who wanted to watch me make of fool of myself. I love you all too. But they were fabulous and gave me some underwear...which I have to say is pretty funny writing thank you notes for - which is why I am also thankful that my Mom was not sad she wasn't there to witness it - I don't think I would have been able to look her in the eye.

However, it would have been entertaining to watch her take a Jell-O shot...there's still time.

So after the panty raid, it was off to the bus that the girls and Tony help spruce up the night with - and other than a the tranny sighting and a quick pit stop at Quick Trip for a corn dog and a potty...that's about all I can tell you. Or that I would like you to know. So instead, I'll put up a few pictures....appropriate of course.

Sisters - who danced, shot Jell-O and stayed out the entire time!
An experience lip-poocher and hair tease helping out

Tranny at 12:00 - we'll call her Larry.
So, now you're wondering about the title of the blog post huh....well after grabbing some amazing waffles the following morning, I realized I couldn't feel my right second toe.

Weird...I know! However it's now Tuesday, I'm watching Biggest Loser (realizing that I probably should have worked out today) and my right foot, second toe is still numb.

Saturday night was a great time, had by all. Including my second toe.

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