Sunday, September 19, 2010

X is not a number

We're in the final weeks of getting our RSVP's back, and while the rush of getting mail everyday is slowly fading into a, WTH, why is the mailbox so full - its still slightly exciting to see those little white envelopes with their pansy stamp addressed to Miss Caitlin Faddis.

I get more excited when Tony is out of town, leaving the joy of seeing who is saying yes or no to just me - and yes, there is a fight to the mailbox. And of course a slight disappointment when there are no tiny white envelopes.

So we wait for our daily envelope count to see who is not coming to the wedding. And let's just say it's rare that we get a no. Yep - apparently we are the wedding of the season, and everyone wants to join in our fun. Really I think it's Tony's friends who thought "Meatball" would never get married. There are days I'm not sure where to go with that, um, compliment...

But then there are the rare "no's." Yep - even we get the no's. Which then make me wonder, what the heck are these people doing? Why don't they want to come to the wedding, don't they know that we are having a photo booth and a marinara fountain??

Okay - so no marinara fountain, but it would be pretty funny if we did.

But as Tony and my dad put it, they are more than happy to have the No's - and I will sit and stew as to why they don't want to come to my party. Alright, well I won't really - I will obviously be too busy dancing to Justin Bieber with the nephews.

So we're down to the wire - let's hope that we get the final 80 responses back before the deadline. There is a stamp on that envelope for a reason people - the mail I get makes my day!

Oh, and it also help if you marked how many of your friends are coming - Tony gets confused by the X.

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