Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a few Minor details

Let it be known that writing To-Do lists on pieces of paper, random post-it notes or calendars, does not necessarily mean all things will get done.

Examples of such lists:
-Brush Tyson's teeth
-Paint nails

We all know that things like working out and laundry will probably fall onto many lists in the future and will most likely be the most important things to do. Such things exist on Wedding To-Do lists. And while I had a tendency to re-write my lists over and over again, and generally had the same to-dos on them, somehow one got missed. One little detail that might have been pretty bad to forget.

Get marriage license.

Yep. You read that correctly - the one HUGE item on my list, besides pick up wedding dress and buy waterproof mascara was the marriage license. So you can understand my shocking response of "Holy shit!" (sorry Mom) when Tony called me the Thursday before the wedding and said, "Hey, don't we need to get our marriage license?"

Yes, first there was the 'oh crud' moment, followed by thank 'thank goodness your friends just came in town and asked how all the details were' going moment, and finally the 'omg, can we still get it and what time does city hall close' as well as the 'where the heck is city hall in Missouri?'

Really, normal thoughts that went through my head and seemed to be appropriate at the time. So after running through some errands (which is a post for later) Tony and I booked it down to City Hall and searched for a parking spot.

Ugh. You know how people always complain about how horrible parking is downtown? Well, they were not actually lying. I believe we circled the block at least 4 times - having quite interesting "discussions" on where to park and which way to turn and why that street is a one way. There was a lot of annoyed sighing going on in the passenger seat.

However, we even survived that - our marriage is meant to last. And while most things during our process of marriage were long and tedious - i.e. the marriage classes - getting an actual marriage license was quite easy. If I had any desire to get married again, I would totally do that first and let all the other things fall by the wayside.

But that desire to get married again does not exist - you are quite welcome Mr. Ginestra. Especially since they ask you the question of whether or not its your first marriage. Luckily, I was able to answer for Tony - to which the woman giving us our license found it funny.

Done and done with the license, I of course wanted to document the situation. And while it would have been odd to take a picture in front of city hall or ask the nice security guard with the large gun to take a picture, I opted to wait in the car. Every so carefully making sure that I did not bend the ever important Marriage License.Ahhhh! Doesn't it just look all shiny and new to you?? No? Just me?

But of course the documenting this special occasion doesn't stop - I asked Tony to give me his "we just got our marriage license and we're getting married in a few days" excited face. Behold:

Cheeseball, yes; but excited, absolutely.

And finally one together as one of our last engaged couple pictures - no turning back now!
And yes, I was that girl in the car taking pictures- don't worry Dad, we were at a stoplight and you can see in the photographic evidence that Tony is indeed wearing his seat belt.

Sidenote: If you can count the number of times I used 'marriage license' in this post, I may have a treat for you. Not really - however I believe I have now been able to spell 'license' correctly after writing it so many times.

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