Monday, November 29, 2010

The Great Wedding Chop

Let it be known that there is a secret "To-Do" on every list for brides. A little past the 'Enjoy your day and enjoy your honeymoon' and even past the "write your millions of thank you notes." Oh yes, it's there in secret writing: chop off any hair that you may have grown since you got that rock on your finger.

It's the great wedding chop.

I assume (and you know what assuming does...) that most brides choose to do the GWC because it may feels like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders when all your wedding is done. Or maybe it's because they were never ones who felt right with long hair.  Or in my case, they were tired of it getting caught in your armpits while putting on deoderant or caught in your bra or panties (yes panties) leaving you with random hairs to pull out at the most convient times.

Stringy pony no more.
Either option of reasoning they choose, it all comes down to a fateful meeting of hairdresser and former bride. And one big chop.
Is that a rat tail? Nope, just a bunch of ratty hair.

 Yep... I went in, with thoughts of just a few inches off and maybe some bangs. Nothing too big...I really didn't want to be that bride who just went in and chopped it all off. Um....

And I was also instructed by my husband that he doesn't like hair any shorter than the shoulders.
It doesn't go back on....I tried.

Well, it kind of touches my shoulders...

And obviously a change this big needs a photo shoot.
However, I do now have a super cute pony.

Tyson didn't know what to think of the old pony.

And he decided he wasn't that interested.

And he really didn't want me to pretend it was his pony.

However this face makes me wonder if he would have really eaten my hair.

Proof that it's not tucked in the back of my shirt....and obviously my model face.

Because one picture wasn't enough.
So I may not have followed Tony's instructions to the T. However the former ratty tail is being donated to Locks of Love. Which I feel great about - and my hair will regrow.

For now, I'll stick with my cute little pony that doesn't sneak it's way into my armpits and work with this sassy do. Even better: I won't have to wash my hair for a few more days....BONUS! And I can finally mark off that final To-Do on the

In other news: I'll probably need to re-work this little title now that I can no longer call myself a bride, in public, Tony will be losing all of his hair in May, and we have been having a little "Clark Griswold" moments at our house.

Did I grab your attention? I just have to remember to write about all those things.

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