Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So Wifely Duties Begin When?

We're back! Yes, we have survived the longest-fastest day of our lives and then had a great time being bums and taking the only opportunities to sip on girlie cocktail drinks and get away with it. And while I have many things that need to be blogged about, I'll leave you with this one little ditty.

On the plane ride out to Charlotte to connect to Cancun, Tony and I realized we get to say 'my husband' and 'my wife' now instead of just fiance and girlfriend/boyfriend. And while we both just got used to saying fiance, its now time to change. But we tried it out on the plane ride, and this is what Tony came up with.

Tony: "My wife...Yeah, my wife likes that picture, she wants that."
Me: "What picture?"
Tony: "You know, whatever picture there is."

Right. So instead of just saying things for this example like, "Hi, this is my wife, Caitlin." or "Let me check with my wife on that." or even, "My wife and I are going to a quaint, candlelight dinner tonight."

Nope. Apparently as a wife, I like pictures.

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