Friday, November 19, 2010

Road Trip Warriors

We're about to make a first here folks: Our first married road trip. Yes, we have taken road trips before as boyfriend/girlfriend and engaged couple. However, this is our first official road trip as Mr. & Mrs.

And while we've been pretty good road warriors before - this one will be a pretty interesting trip. We're headed down to Oklahoma so I can die, or rather run in a marathon relay with friends. Yes, indeed, apparently my failed attempt to even run a 5k before the wedding put a great thought into my head that I should now try and run 5.9 miles - almost a full 10k with little to no training.

And when I say little to no training, I pretty much mean it. My training this week was unpacking my new treats from Crate & Barrel, actually putting on my leggings and running shoes and drinking red wine.

I'm so ready for this race.

Luckily, T is headed down with me, just in case my lungs decide to give out, I fake an injury, or I get run over by the marathoners, who may or may not try and trip me to get out of their way. Wait, what am I really saying? They will probably all pass me, wondering who let the "special kid" run this far?

I've even tried to psych myself up by reading a runner's blog - and all it has really done is given me shoe, running short, and vacation envy. That and maybe a little inspiration. However, I don't think that little amount of inspiration will get me through 5.9 miles - maybe .5, but that's pushing it.

So as we pack up and start our trip to Tulsa - our road game may consist of "How is Caitlin going to run 5.9 miles without dying" or "how many ways can Caitlin injure herself in this race."

You're more than welcome to play - just text in your answers. Until then, it's back to training I go. Tonight's training "run" - sushi with the hubs.

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