Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post Wedding Blues

It was probably bound to happen. The slight sadness that comes when you realize you can't really get away with wearing a big white dress around the house or talk about the type of centerpieces you will have or making to do lists that consist of calling the caterer, buying loads of alcohol or getting your make up done.

And while we had the best time of our lives, and we heard that our friends and family were exhausted (or just plain hungover) after our big day, we got to leave reality for a bit and lay on the beaches of Mexico.

Ahhh, Mexico. The land of cervezas, margaritas, tacos and hard working people. It was all in all perfect. And while we didn't do much partying, we had a great time and were able to soak up the sun (with SPF of course) and eat to our hearts content. And of course waking up to this everyday:However, paradise couldn't last the entire rest of the year - I mean we would probably try if we could, but then instead of having drinks delivered to us, we would be the one delivering drinks. And while TGI Friday Tony could have been fabulous at that position, me not so much - my clumsiness would totally set in and I would not be getting in tips. Maybe I could be the hostess at the one of the restaurants, I've done that job before and wasn't too bad at it.

Anyway, I digress. We came back obviously, and lucky for us we didn't have any problems getting home. Nor did we feel like we were going to die. Sidenote: last time we vacationed to Mexico, Tony and I thought it would be a great idea to have a fabulous time the last night we were there, which did not fair so well on the plane ride home. The short version: me in middle seat of plane=not good, backed up line for the air plane bathroom, and we spent too much time in the Dallas customs bathroom. I wouldn't have been surprised if they stopped to question us.

What? Too much information? Sorry - I keep getting side tracked. It happens, I will keep blaming it on my vacation mind, but let's face it, it's been almost two weeks, I have to get back in the KC state of mind.

And while I get back to the norm, and realize I actually have to work and cannot be a stay at home mom to Tyson (which I am still working on that), I have a few things that are keeping my post-wedding blues at bay.

You know I have a list right? Let's be honest here, so far on my new iphone (YES! I finally got it, I'm beyond excited and already think I need to upgrade my data plan...which obviously means I need to get off the phone....whatever) I have at least three or four lists - and I have an app that helps me MAKE LISTS! Could this phone be any better?? I think not.

Anyway - on to my list of things keeping the PWB's away:
-Tyson, although he's a drool monster who is always needing attention, I still missed him
-Wedding gifts. Come on, you new that would be on here! I do believe that I actually said "It's like Christmas morning, but just for me!" I know, my last bridezilla moment, I had to have one.
-Organizing everything! Oh yes, I have been dying to not only open the wedding presents, but also get into those drawers and throw out, or rather put all of our old stuff in a garage sale.
-And of course, seeing those little monkeys, who were afraid of getting near me during the wedding. Oh yeah, apparently wearing a big white dress is a frightening thing for 2 year olds and 22 month olds.

Which ends up with my nephews looking at me like this:So on to my lists I go, and next on my list, will to be find my funny. I know my darling husband will make some comment about how I was not that funny on this post.

Is this what marriage is? Great. This is why his stuff ends up in the garage sale.

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