Monday, November 22, 2010

Toilets and Stairs

Our road trip was a success.  The actual race, is still TBD. I will say that we are at least all alive and I'm moving somewhat. However, I have developed two new nemesis' after this weekend. Toilets and stairs.  Oh yes, something as simple as sitting on a toilet to do your business or flying up the stairs because you forgot something now seems to be laughable.

The very thought of doing any action that resembles those two simple tasks could bring on tears of frustration, hand shaking (similar to fist pumping but without the excitement), and a very strained face that is not photogenic, nor appealing to the naked eye.

And what do we have a lot of in our house? Stairs. Even at work, stairs. Everywhere I turn - and then every time I realize I have to use the loo, I revert back to my opinion of adult diapers.  Could they really be so bad? I mean, the mere thought of squatting could be worth the sagging pants and swish swish sound of the plastic.

However, I also realize that sounds crazy coming out of my head and while I did have the thought, it will actually never happen. Unless I earned $500 to do so...and then maybe I would think about it. that I've thoroughly grossed out all 3 of my readers, on to why I detest two very simple, yet needed products in the human life.

5.9 miles. Very slow, very windy miles. Oh yes, asthma be dammed, I ran, jogged, barely lifted my feet one in front of the other to get those 5.9 miles done, all to earn a medal.

We survived - and all had a defining moment: training would have made this run a little better. Unless you're Jen - who somehow blew our minds and sprinted into the finish line - I think she's been training and not telling us.  Or her long legs really do take her miles further than the rest of our short legs.

Any how - we all have medals, some of us can't walk (ok, just me) and we'll probably all do it again next year. But now onto pictures and a little road trip re-cap.

*Editors note: My pictures are all wack-a-doo and somewhat out of order. Use your imagination and pretend they are in the correct order. Please and thank you.*

Guido Tony ready for the car ride.
 And me, being a cheeseball.

 We "carb-loaded" the night before, Tony even joined in and had some huge meatball. *Insert 6th grad humor here*

Fast (Wanda) Sara sprinting by....

 The girl in the green shirt I thought was Sara - every time she passed. I might have yelled out, very loudly, THERE SHE IS! And yet it was not her.

 Pre-race Sara, with her running fanny pack.

The girls, pre-race and accessorized. Okay, so that was only Jen -but we are colorful.

 FYI: Drinking coffee in the dark on Tulsa bumpy roads might lead to coffee spillage.
The first hand off- which Sara sped by and started running Lauren's leg...Silly Sara.
My medal! Which I will now frame and hang in our house as artwork or as if I ran in the Olympics and won the silver.

Pre-hand off - can't you see my excitement.

Lauren doing some figure 8's or handing me the sweaty tracking device.

Moving quite slow - but my calf muscles look good.

Trying to find the girls - it was all a blur of people - but then I saw Jen waving wildly

Jen putting on the sweaty ankle tracking device and a nice picture of my booty and very spasm-y legs.

Only in Oklahoma would there be a McDonald's on top of the highway.

Our "We'Re off like a Prom Dress" Relay Team - and a sweet shot of me in lots of pain.

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