Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

We all know what an awesome move it was, in fact, I may look it up to watch it again. Digressing....Tony and I had our own adventure when we took on the Martinez Men - and it did not involve any balloons.

Yes - they sound ferocious, all 2 years, and 8 months of these faces: 

 Luckily we didn't have anyone coming after us nor did we have to drive a sweet station wagon. However, Tony did get a lesson in putting a kid in a car seat - which is the first reason we are not ready to have our own kiddos. Yes, lucky for us we have 5 nephews who give us training in teething, laughing, diapers and sometimes inappropriate questions.

So you're probably thinking - "you guys have it easy, two adults to two kids, one who is only crawling!" Oh how you think it's easy - oh silly you - we are not built for kids. Tony actually used the phrase, "It's real simple" to a 2 -year old.

Really? Every other question out of his mouth is "Why?" - so it's quite doubtful he'll understand a phrase like that.

But alas, we survived, the kiddos are still alive and I'm pretty sure they still like us - and Tony got to play Wii, so all in all, it was a good night, however we've never been so tired. Some highlights of the evening:

  1. I didn't have to feed Teo any bananas
  2. Both boys got jammied and matched pretty well
  3. Luca: "Where Tyson?"
  4. Tony: "He's at home, in his bed."
  5. Luca: "Uncle Tony, you going caca? Why?"
  6. Luca: "Uncle Tony, you go pee pee? YAY!!!"
  7. Repeat of numbers 3 & 4 - times 10.
  8. Luca & Tony bonded over throwing a frog on the ceiling. Sorry Court.

Are there books out there in the "Dummies" series for parenting? We might need those.

Wrigley just creepily staring
Playing Wii - or just watching Uncle Tony play Wii

He may be dirty, but he's oh so cute.

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