Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road Rage

I would like to think that before the wedding my little amount of stress caused my abnormal road rage when driving. However, it seemed to seep over to after the wedding. And now it even ventures over into Tony.

I'm a pretty good driver too - minus the minor hitting a big white van incident, I've only had two other accidents - both which were not my fault (no really, I got rear ended, promise!), and one speeding ticket, I'm a decent driver. I obey the law, look backwards while reversing the whole time and use my turn signals. What can I say - I was taught by the Maj - who made sure I never went 47 mph in a 45 mph zone.

True story.

Anyway - given that I drive a ginormous tank right now - I have even been more cautious, so 1. my husband won't be mad if something gets scratched or 2. so I won't scratch his new wheels - yes, I'm really a ruff rider, didn't you know. However, I get slightly annoyed at those who speed up right behind me while I am driving, those who slam on their breaks for no reason or the dilly dalliers, who just take their time to see the sights. Sorry people - you might be getting a big honk from me and my tank.

While my road rage is really vulgar - you know calling people turd buckets or turd heads (sorry mom, I know you hate the T word) - or mostly loud sighing, I've realized that I need to stop. Mostly because I come home annoyed and vowing never to drive again, and because I don't want to get pulled over.

The Maj would not approve.

So please try not to cut me off and be sure to use your blinker - or you might just be called a turd bucket.

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