Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Quick Trim

Since you've had the opportunity to see and hear/read about my haircut, I figured I could tell you about the next big hair cut coming up in the Ginestra world.

Tony's balding.

Alright, well according to him his peaks are growing.  Not really - well maybe, but they've haven't gotten bigger since I've known far. However, those peaks are going to disappear for good soon.

No, he's not getting "Just For Men" hair implants, or starting to comb his hair in a new way. Although if you see him wearing a hat, ask him to take it off for a pure giggle. Let's just say flashback to his 5th grade school picture....with more facial hair. (Side note: as I was writing this, a Hair Club for Men commercial just came joke.)
Soooo natural, right?

Anyway, I digress. (Yes, I realize I use that word a lot in my posts...however I quite enjoy it and it's better than saying um a lot) I've lost all train of thought....oh right.

Tony's in for a new do'. He's been sweetly coerced encouraged to give back to the KC Community through the American Cancer Society's Shave to Save, by me - his ever loving, encouraging wife.

Luck would have it, that I've also witnessed Shave to Save first hand and think it's one of the coolest events we have in the Kansas City area. The event is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge.  It's a place for cancer patients to come and stay for free while they are receiving treatment- a home away from home, where they don't have to worry about bills, yard work, or traveling back and forth many miles to get the life-saving treatment they need.

Let me tell you, I have been lucky to witness how much the Hope Lodge has helped countless families while they are in the fight of their life. And while I could make this posting very emotional for you while standing on my soap box, all I am going to say is, you need to check it out. The Lodge serves as more than just a free home - it's a place for patients and their families to talk with others who are living the same experience, make lasting friendships, and get better.

Now on to the part of why Tony is getting involved.

Cancer sucks.

Plain as that. It's a disease that not only affects our family and friends, but so many people who live everyday lives and never expect to get sick. Tony lost a good friend from college to cancer. I lost my aunt to a brain tumor. We've lost time to spend with them and future memories that we could have had if it had not been for cancer.

Cancer sucks even more right now because this post is making me cry. Stupid cancer.

Anyway...I'll try to make this get a little bit more upbeat. Talk about Debbie Downer.

So because of cancer, Tony's getting a new haircut. He's going BALD.

Bald like John Travolta - yes, he'll get to keep his eyebrows and go-tee thing. Bald like Demi for GI Jane, but without the training for the NAVY Seals.
So he will go bald like her, but I will get guns like

Yep - on May 12 he's getting the haircut to remember. It's more than just shaving his head, it's more like a really expensive at $5,000 haircut. And that $5,000 haircut is going to the Hope Lodge. I'd say it's a pretty good price.

And why now you ask? Well, it's the 10th Anniversary of Shave to Save, so that's pretty neat-o. But we've talked about getting more involved in our community and giving back because we have been pretty blessed in our lives. Raising money for something that helps people who've been affected by cancer seemed like a pretty good reason.

Plus, I think he just wanted an excuse to shave his head. Let's just hope his noggin is less conehead and more normal.

It's also a relief that he won't feel like he needs to pull a Brit Brit and do it himself.

But I hope you will join us on our quest to raise money for T's haircut. We've got a ways to go, but I think we can meet the $5,000 goal and really give back to our community. If you would like to help us get to our goal, here's Tony's link to his page - CLICK HERE - tell your friends, your postman, your boss, your dog, help us get the word out as we raise money for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge.

If nothing else, maybe we'll have a fundraiser for who can come up with what to do with Tony's bald head afterward.

Tattoo anyone?
Hey, Oh, You Lookin' at Me? (Yes, an Italian accent was used to write this caption)

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