Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Sparky...

The holidays are here - and this year, being our first married holidays together, we've decided to go all out. In decorating that is.  Tony has the Christmas spirit, which included putting up lights on the house, updating the ornaments and drinking eggnog.

Okay, well not the eggnog and really not putting up lights on the house, but researching the best price for someone else to do it. Oh yes, we are those people.  And when you think about our luck with handy work around the house: Tony stabbed by a piece of glass while removing a friends' mirror, I dropped the side of a shelf on my ankle -and other various um, 'accidents,' it's best if we admire the work of someone else.

And wa-la! Lights on our house - which almost sent Tony into a tizzy, trying to look up the just right lights and settling on LED ones. I'm pretty sure he spent at least 20 minutes just staring at the light section before asking someone at Home Depot which lights are best, luckily for me, I was at work. And yes, now that they have been up for at least three weeks, Mr. Griswold drives slowly by the house - creeper style - to make sure all the lights are on, which ones aren't bright enough and to see if they are all hanging low.

There is also analyzing done as we drive by other houses to compare brightness of the lights.

We might have a Light Freak on our hands people. Next year we might have blow up snowman or moving reindeer in our yard. And when I mentioned that one year my dad had moving reindeers in our front yard (poor Mom), he did ask if Dad still had them around.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures - but imagine our house looks like one on Ward Parkway.  We like those houses and are currently looking for a place to put up a very lodge wreath. I know, apparently the Clark bug has hit me too.

But onto the inside of the house, and the photo shoot. I once read on another blog that a person's blog is pretty much a narcissists dream. Well...dream on people - here is our holiday decor photoshoot!

Making sure the placement of the ornaments is just right.

Our Black Friday decorating supplies...Thank you Target!

Because a self-portrait is absolutely needed

Tyson the Holiday Dog

Because decorating for the holidays wouldn't be complete without a jester hat.

Oh wait, I mean the elf hat...Tyson wanted to eat it.

Ty man putting on ornaments....or trying to eat them

Our completed tree!

Black Friday Tree Decorating=Not so cute pictures

Because trying to do a second shot is always a good idea.

So happy holidays to you and I hope your decorating was as festive as ours!

Sidenote: Neither of us were injured in our decorating extravaganza!

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  1. First off- you are still freakin tan!
    Second- That is my first glimpse into your house...sad!
    Third- I CAN NOT believe you had someone put lights on your house for you. You belong in Johnson County my friend!!!!