Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's Take A Walk

Today marks a pretty important day. Exactly a year ago, and in a few hours, Tony asked for my hand in marriage.  Alright, well we aren't that formal - he did get down on one knee though.  And while I could probably tell you the entire story by heart - I went back to my first To-Do on - setting up our wedding site and did a little copy and pasting.  I figured it was fresh then and probably even a little funnier than what I could come up today.

So for your reading pleasure, Our Proposal.

I will have to start by saying Tony is quite the secret keeper, at least from me.  After a year and a half of dating, Tony and I both knew that we wanted to get married, especially to each other.
So Tony, wanting to make sure that he had picked out the perfect ring for me and something that I would cherish for the rest of our lives, would ask me questions about what I liked.  After showing him a picture in a magazine and a picture on-line in July 2009, we didn't talk about it too much.
Little did I know, he was keeping track of those little hints I would give him.  Smart man.

Then the month of December arrived.  Our good friends Jerred and Kristen wanted to have drinks one night with us, since Kristen was done with a semester of dental hygiene school, we thought it would be fun to celebrate. Tony picked me up and was in a rather good mood, but it was Friday, so I thought he was just glad it was the weekend.  We made plans to meet them at the Intercontinental on the Plaza and have some drinks in the bar, The Oak Room.

As the first to arrive, Tony and I sat down and soon got a call from Jerred saying they weren't able to make it. Background, J & K have a little girl Madison, who had been sick earlier that week.  So Jerred put on a show on the phone and said that Madison wasn't feeling good, they would try and meet us out a little bit later.

Bummed, we thought we would just enjoy our drinks and then go and meet some friends down at Baja 600. As we finished, Tony suggested we walk down to the restaurant because the lights were on. Me, not having it - I was in a dress 3 1/2 inch heels and didn't bring a coat, and it was about 25 degrees - but I was convinced it would be fine to walk. Gullible me. 

(Side story, as we walked out the door, the doormen at the hotel said, "That girl is going to freeze her buns off." Awesome)

So we started walking outside and Tony kept taking his time, claiming he had a foot cramp, had to tie his shoe, thought the lights were pretty, etc.  Me, being my cold, bratty self, tried to make him put a little quick in his step.  But the shoe tying was the last piece of oddness, before he stopped, gave me a big hug while we were on the bridge crossing Brush Creek.  

From there he told me he loved me and got down on one knee.  Tears ensued, from both of us, and of course I said yes! (As a big metro bus drove by, ahh, the romance)

After the initial shock, which barely wore off, we stared walking (faster) to Baja and I started the drilling of questions.  How long have you been planning this? Who all knows about it? I can't believe you planned this! I don't even care that it's cold anymore!

As we entered Baja, we immediately went toward the party room, thinking we were saying hi to the general manager, whom we were meeting for drinks, and there he had all of our family waiting.  Cameras ready like the paparazzi. 

And so began the wedding planning!

Aw, yes. I remember the cold day like it was yesterday. Hard to believe it's already been a whole year, we're an old married couple now and Tony's been the one to get skinny. Dang it.

Right after Tony told me no one knew...paparazzi in Baja

Me in shock with  my brand new bangs
Happily Engaged!

See...I married a skinny man!
Side note, and nothing to do with our proposal, but kind of. Anyway - apparently Tony and I should not have our important moments at Mexican restaurants anymore - our first date: Margaritas, moved, but was shut down for a while, and our engagement party - Baja also shut down. It's more sad because I love Mexican food.

Oh and also for the workers - it's not a great thing for them either.

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