Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Hope, New Attempts

Hooray! We made it to 2011 - and after how wonderful 2010 was, year 11 has a lot to live up to. While neither Tony or I are big fans of NYE - it has a lot of hype to add to an evening of staying up way to late and occasionally leads to making some bad choices - think tequila - it has a special meaning to us. Three years ago it was the time we met at an over-hyped, expensive NYE party at Californo's, who offered tequila shots.

But I would like to think it was pretty successful time. I mean I did get a sugar daddy wonderful husband out of the deal!

Two more resolutions: Stop always using "the pooch" as a pose & stop wearing the Snooki poof.
So as we embark on a brand new year and all make the attempt to make some New Year Resolutions, I thought I would share some of mine - I know, you're all dying to read about them.
  • Besides my ever lasting attempt to lose weight, my "weight" resolution is more than that - it's about getting in shape - so I don't get winded while walking up the stairs to work.
  • Become more familiar with the kitchen - and it's power to create things like dinner. Yes, we are all aware of my futile attempts to make dinner - and I will say that I had a redeeming one - but really make a good attempt to make more than cereal and quesadillas for dinner.
  • Take a photography class. I might be a little obsessed with looking at photographers web sites and blogs and really make an attempt to learn the features on my camera. Lucky for me, I have a few subjects to try this out on: my nephews and Tyson - I'm not sure who will be easier to capture on film - but I'm sure a lot of fuzzy pictures and back of heads will be on the film.
  • Participate in the Photo Project 365.  I've seen some "real photographers" do this and I think it's a neat idea - and while my photos may not be all artsy and clear like of buildings and fantastic weather - it will be fun to go back and see the year in photos. Wish me luck!
  • Make our house a home. Granted we've lived hear for a while and have furniture, bedding and dishes - and we were able to get rid of most of the wedding gift boxes - things are still in a bit of an array. And it would also be nice if I could make our house look like Crate & Barrel, but baby steps. First I'll work on getting a new rug.
And I'm sure some of these "resolutions" may change a bit and become a little "altered," I'm going to really make a big push to do these. And of course a few other that I would like to do would be:
  • Go on more dates with my husband - actually trying new places or things to do around town.
  • Travel! Yes - we took a backseat to our traveling so we could save for the wedding, but we have lots of friends in new and exciting places and we'd like to see them before they move back.
  • Read more - a la my new Kindle and expand my literature - even if it is some book about murder mystery - hey, maybe I'll learn a new fancy word or something. 
  • Make an effort to spend time with friends - we all get busy and I know schedules don't always match up, but at least make efforts to see these girls a lot more.
My Day on in 365 - Tony didn't appreciate my amazing timing after he hit his finger on the table. Critics.

While thinking of all of these new and improved ways to make 2011 great - I figured there were also some that maybe I should try and avoid:
  • Like gaining 365 lbs. - while I enjoy the Biggest Loser, I do not want to be a contestant.
  • Wearing my hair in pony everyday - I'm 27 now - I should probably make a better attempt.
  • Push my snooze more than 6 times a morning - I'm tired of Tony poking me in the armpit to wake me.
  • Start a burn book - it wasn't nice in Mean Girls, and I have no desire to make one either.
  • Avoid washing my hands. There is always a threat of H1N1 - and not washing your hands is pretty nasty.
  • Cussing like a sailor. While it's not really attractive on a lady, I realize I'm not a sailor and I think saying Fiddly Sticks would be more funny than the other option.

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