Thursday, February 24, 2011

Handy Men Run in the Family

Just when I thought our outlet troubles were coming to an end, a new outlet discovery happened. One of my wonderful Father-In-Laws came to my rescue last night, driving over to take out and replace our fire hazards, aka freaking burnt outlets.

Lucky for us - we have a super handy man who knew a thing or two about wiring and how to replace something in the dark. I mean, I did give him a flash light. But you're probably wondering how this outlet switch-a-roo happened. Well, obviously with wire cutters and the power off, duh, but more importantly after Tony looked into the outlets before he left.
And due to the buzzing, spark, and time constraints, he left this:
Yes, that would in fact be a floral screwdriver. Tony received a whole new toolkit for the wedding, but his heart belongs to Flora the Screwdriver.

Oh the lovely surprises I get at home sometimes. But in his wake of a mess, he did call his Dad to come and help out his scary-di cat wife. Needless to say I married into a pretty great family.

So what exactly did my FIL find with our outlets? Just a little bit of this….

Hmm...smells a little burnt.
Yep. Those would be some sweet crossed burnt wires that were milliseconds ready to make our house become Waldo’s largest bonfire. Awesome. And of course that little outlet brought out the following fears:
*Oh geez…what other outlets are about to explode like a G6?
*Something stinks….what is that? Fuel? Fire? What’s burning?
*Maybe I should pack up some stuff, just in case…
*Why do I have so many possessions that I don’t want to go up in flames?
*Why does Tyson have so much crap to pack?
*Would it really be considered silly for me to stay at my Mom & Dads?
*I wonder what would happen to all those recorded shows I have?

(In other notes, I’m watching America’s Next Top Model – and they are making the girls do a cat walk while in a bubble. Really? Do designers really make real models walk in bubbles? These producers are ridiculous-for shame Tyra, for shame)

And after some tears, reassurance to stay at my Mom’s (from my concerned mother) and more reassurance to stay home since it was already late from my out-of-town husband, we survived. Tyson and I woke up without any signs of ashes, smoke or burnt plugs. Success!

However there were several texts to reassure other people that we were still alive.

Of course Tyson showed his concern and care by doing this:
Fire dog to the rescue...
 Really? Apparently I have no authority in this house.

On other notes of my domestic diva-ness: Tyson kept licking a Clorox wipe while I was “cleaning.” Would this be cause for calling poison control? 

I also felt compelled to bake tonight since we were let out early from work. However I grew tired of the whole thing so I stopped baking after 6 cookies. I won’t mention how much cookie dough I ate…..

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  1. holy cow! i would have been nervous staying home alone, too. hope it's fixed now!