Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Double Trouble Outlet

It's amazing how Murphy's Law (Def: Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".) comes into affect whenever there is a trip involved with Tony. First big trip he had to San Fransisco for work: Slick Rick the Rat, 

Today Tony leaves for Chicago (side note, please do not come an rob me, that would just add to the devastation of this week. Okay, devastation is a bit much, but I have more to add to this little outlet tale) and wouldn't you know, something goes wrong.

Last night I tried to charge my phone - yes, my iPhone to be exact - the one that I was so excited to get and could hardly wait until after the wedding to purchase.  See how that works, Tony gets wheels, I get an iPhone. But seeing that my phone wasn't charging, I jiggled the connection tot he phone, then jiggled the connection to the wall - because isn't that what people do, jiggle things rather than being more scientific about it. And then after realizing the jiggling doesn't really work, I found this:

This my friends is one burnt outlet. And it's right next to our bed, as well as Tyson's. Awesome.

I also might have made a shrieking noise when I saw the other outlet where my Kindle and lamp plugged into - oh right, well now I sound like a electronic junkie - again, please don't come and rob me - which scared the heck out of Tyson.

So what's a girl to do at 10:30 at night (yes, I was actually still up at 10:30, that's a major shock in itself, pun intended), well this girl calls her Firefighter Brother.  Because apparently having the skills of being a fireman also means you know about electricity and outlets.

I mean, they are fire hazards right?

Of course panic sets in and all I can think of  is how the house is going to burn down while I'm sleeping and that I'm a heavy sleeper and I won't hear the crackling of the flames, Tyson will bark and jump on me and Tony will lose all of his new suits. So I took pictures of our entire upstairs so I could tell insurance what was in our room. I also snapped quite a few pictures of my iPhone adapter charger thing for your viewing pleasure. I think you will be able to feel my panic with me. 



Pure panic. But Firefight Brother and Tony decided no threat was there while we slept since nothing was plugged in. And trust me, I resisted the urge to go down and grab the fire extinguisher and sleep with it like a favorite blankie. I also resisted the urge to sleep in full clothing with all of my prized possessions in a bag next to me.

Also, Tony told me he was going to take off the outlet covers and see what the deali-o was this morning before he left. And then I get the reassuring news that there was a spark and buzzing sound coming from the outlets. 

Fab-u-lous.  My day keeps getting better and better.

So while Tony jets off to sunny cold Chicago - I will be Google-ing burnt iphone chargers and waiting for his Dad to come and fix our outlets. And just in case, I'm going to run home pack up Tyson, my jewelry, and all my Crate & Barrel gifts and staying with my parents.

FYI - Mom & Dad, this is your warning. Tony comes back on Saturday. Surprise.

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