Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Can Call Me 4 Eyes

So I had an unfortunate incident the other day with my contact lens. The one for my left eye went missing. For a while I thought I was just going crazy since I could see half fuzzy things and have not-so-fuzzy things. Then it dawned on me, my left contact is missing. Ugh.

For some reason I thought it was stuck in my eye ball.  Yes, IN my eye ball. I'm not really sure why I thought that - maybe because I didn't see it on the counter - or rather probably couldn't see it. So I was left to wear my glasses. Normally I wouldn't mind - however I knew it was going to get sunny later in the day and I would be left without the option to wear sunglasses, which is highly annoying.  Unless I wanted to do it Grannie style and wear something like this:
And while, that's a great option for eye glass wearing fools, this fool was not going to use that option. So I squinted. Safe? Probably not, but maybe better than not being able to see while using sun protection. The Maj always promotes "Safety First" - so I'm pretty sure he probably would buy me those clip on sunglasses for my ultimate protection. He's had more than one joke.

However, the sunglasses was not the big factor in my annoyance of wearing glasses. It was the comment that came from wearing the glasses.

"You kind of look like Sarah Palin today."

Ugh. Thanks co-worker - we were friends once and now it might be debatable.

Apparently the combination of my glasses and my poofed up hair (so much for that poof resolution) made me look like the former Governor of Alaska. Don't worry - I took a picture to let you vote.

Don't mind the bushy eye brows - I have yet to make my appointment with Shoku, eye brow genius (but kind of a judger).

So I know you're probably wondering why I put up with my glass, Palin comments, and lack of sunglasses wearing opportunities. Well, I lost my last pair of contacts. And of course because my luck is like a pot of gold minus the gold, maybe with a few random shirt buttons in it, my prescription on my contacts ran out. Le sigh. Now I have to make an appointment with my eye doctor to get some new ones.

It's on my long to-do list. Along with hunting bears and seeing if I can spot China from my house. Oh wait, that's the actual Sarah Palin who can do bad.

PS. Side note: My contact lens is not actually in my's been 24 hours and nothings come out of there, except eye boogers.  Don't say ew, you know you have them too.

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