Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Celebrate a 31 Year Old's Birthday

Tony turned the big 3-1 this year. And as much as he was excited to have another birthday launching him further and further away from his twenty's, I'm sure he is much more excited for me to blog about it - as he is with most things.

Even better - capturing every moment of it with digital pictures. Bonus for him, I choose not to post the pictures on Facebook - you're welcome babe. But instead of recapping Tony's birthday weekend in what he loves to call, Spring-vegas or Springfield for those who lived in Manhappiness for four.....errr, five years, I'd like to show you how to celebrate a 31 year old's birthday.
You try and take a semi decent couple picture

Your friends give you baked ravioli with a match stick candle

And we sing to you

You hit up a bar to watch TV....

When those things called videos turn out to be fun, you dance....with your thumbs

You have your friends start dancing along

They serenade you

You try another picture attempt, realizing that your wife forgot make up

You make sure the girls are smiling...

And not enjoying this extra large drinks...

Especially when they fake drinking them.

Your wife is spasming in the corner....

You attack your friends because it's wrestlin' time

But make sure they aren't touching the ground

Your wife and friends start their own photo shoot

C: That corner up there is really dirty K: I can't breathe through my nose right now, so I'll just open my mouth.

K: I'm a model, I'm used to this C: Not only did I get punched in the gut, but they also took off all my makeup

C: This hangnail is really bugging me. K: My arm is stuck in my teased hair

C: You just slammed me against the wall K: I'm a mother of two now, I have that kind of strength

C: Are these shoulder pads over here? K: Let me whisper to you about them

C: You need a little work on this shoulder back here. K: Yes, but I feel as though my pooch is really good.

C: You mean, I'm supposed to wear make-up for longer than an hour? K: Yes, and until then I'll just sniff your neck.

C: I just smelled something nasty...where is your husband? K: Just ignore it, it happens a lot.

J: Did you smell that? K: Keep smiling, they still don't know it's  you.

Your friends gift you with the splits.

Some can't remember if they put on deodorant and others don't want to be in that situation

And you take one last attempt at a decent picture....still, no luck.
After all the realize birthday parties are overrated.

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